Don’t Miss Your Chance to Win a Kindle Today

I was late jumping onto the Kindle bandwagon. In fact, I resisted it for ages. What was wrong with real books, I thought? There is something about books that appeals to me – and still does. The smell, the act of flicking through the pages, the print on the page… it’s all lovely. And let’s face it, a room packed with floor to ceiling bookshelves looks lovely. It wouldn’t look… Read More »

How Low Could a Winning Bid Be?

That is a great question, and it is one that many people want the answer to when they start finding out more about our website. Some people believe it is impossible to win an item for just a penny. Yet you need only check our completed auctions page to see this isn’t the case. Just recently, one lucky bidder placed a successful bid of a penny to win a set… Read More »

Score a Huge Saving on This Item No Matter What Happens

There is always a chance to bag a significant saving on auction items if you win them. Yet sometimes, you get the chance to save a huge amount even if you lose out on the auction. You might wonder how that works. Let me show you. We’ve got a great auction running now for the Velvet Smooth Express Pedi from Scholl. This is a great item to have if you… Read More »

Can You Figure Out Which Items Tend to Be More Popular to Bid On?

No matter how many items we choose to list at BidGrid, some are always going to attract more attention than others. Of course, there is no way to figure out which ones are the most popular until the auction has ended. Or is there? If you are willing to put in a little legwork, there are ways you can get a better idea of what to expect from certain auctions.… Read More »

An Ultraviolet Treat for the Men

If you visit BidGrid quite a bit, you may already have seen a few auctions for fragrances. Both male and female fragrances do very well and have proven very popular over the past few months. That’s why we thought we would treat you to a chance to win a bottle of Ultraviolet Man by Paco Rabanne. The bottle is just as modern as the fragrance itself, and it contains a… Read More »