Candle Safety is a Breeze When You Use Mooncandles

Ever heard of Mooncandles? Neither had we until we found these. Lots of people love candles, but there’s no doubt they can be dangerous. I’ve read stories of house fires starting because the sun came in through the window, set light to a candle and that was that. It sounds unlikely, and thankfully the stories I read were focused on small fires that were put out. But you just never… Read More »

Get Some Bidding in Between the Mince Pies This Christmas

As you already know, BidGrid never closes its doors. That holds true over the festive season as well. No doubt you have plans for Christmas, but you will also probably have some time to relax and watch some cheesy festive films, and munch your way through too many mince pies. I’m guilty of that too, in case you were wondering. Not so much the festive films, but the mince pies… Read More »

Are You Ready to Start the New Year with a Healthy Boost?

Christmas is almost upon us, and for me that means one thing. Lots of lovely food to look forward to, alongside great company, of course. And you might be surprised to learn I am one of those odd people who will even eat sprouts. Yes, I love sprouts! But come New Year’s Eve, I am usually more than ready to turn over the proverbial New Leaf and start eating more… Read More »

Tactical Bidding in the Latter Stages of an Auction

Here’s a question for you – do you bid differently when you get into an auction in the latter stages, compared to how you would bid if you get in at the start? Maybe you haven’t thought about that before, but the time left on an auction can influence the way you bid. The later it is in the three-day period of bidding, the more likely it is lots of… Read More »

Build It and They Will Come?

When I was a kid, I played with almost nothing but LEGO. Then came computer games, albeit long after I grew up. The better technology became, the better the computer games got. Nowadays, interactive games, multiplayer games, and 3D games are all familiar to us. So, it would seem like a step backwards to head into the world of Minecraft, wouldn’t it? After all, the blocky look of the images,… Read More »