Could BidGrid Help You Find a Gift or Two this Christmas?

Oh no… I said the forbidden word. And it’s still only October! In my defence though, the shops have had festive cards and gifts out for over a month now. And it doesn’t hurt to spread the cost and start shopping early, does it? You’ve probably never thought of BidGrid as a possible source of festive gifts. However, while many of our winners receive prizes they go on to use… Read More »

Try Some Tactical Bidding in the Final 12 Hours of an Auction

Most people have a few techniques or patterns they use when placing bids on our auctions. The trick is to try and get the lowest unique bid – the lowest one that doesn’t have any other bids placed on it. If you are the first to bid in an auction, you might decide to bid on the lowest 10 amounts. However, if you are bidding in the final hours of… Read More »

How to Use a Bidding Strategy to Increase Your Odds of Winning Auctions

How do you choose where to place your bids when you take part in our auctions? Everyone does things differently, but there are lots of methods you could use to get your bids into play. Some people go for lucky numbers, some act on gut feelings, and others play by a strategy. Bidding strategies come in various guises. You can learn more about these on our tips page. This provides… Read More »

4 Advantages of Using a Cordless Screwdriver

Do you own a cordless screwdriver? If not, you may be wondering whether they’re worth buying. While you do need to keep it charged, so it’s ready for action when you need it, there are lots of advantages to having one around. 1: they’re faster than a regular screwdriver Even if you only need to put one screw into position, it takes just seconds to complete the job with one… Read More »

Discover the Best Reasons to Place Bids on Our Free Auctions

Have you discovered our free auctions yet? You’ll find them via any page – just look for the message on a yellow background that says, ‘try our free practice auctions!’ Click on that and make sure you’re logged into your account, and you can place 10 free bids on each free auction we run. That alone is a good reason to take part, but we’ve lined up some more reasons… Read More »