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Fire Up Your TV For Some Seriously Good Telly This Christmas

  One of the classic things about the festive season is surely the telly. But while there are countless new programmes and films to watch, you do see your share of repeats too. So why not do something different this Christmas? Why not get connected to a whole new world of television courtesy of the Fire TV stick from Amazon instead? If you haven’t yet discovered it, the Fire TV… Read More »

Getting To Grips With The Google Chromecast

  You’ve got a few hours yet before the auction for the Google Chromecast comes to an end. However if you’re unsure whether or not to place a bid, perhaps because you’re not entirely sure what you’re bidding on, let me try and clarify things a little for you. The Google Chromecast basically provides you with a way to watch content you find and buy online on your normal television.… Read More »

Win Yourself a Waterproof MP3 Player

  We’re used to certain things in life being waterproof. Think about certain items of clothing for example, or maybe some watches. But have you ever heard of a waterproof MP3 player? You have now, and we’re not kidding you either. One of our current auctions – it’s live, right at this moment – is for a Sony 4GB waterproof all-in-one MP3 player. It’s a pretty sleek design too we… Read More »

Is There Still Room for the iPod?

  Do you remember when the iPod first came out? You’d need to go back to 2001 to find the first release of this nifty gadget and by 2003 Apple had shifted one million of them. Sales kept rising and in 2005 the iPod Nano was launched. This would eventually become the best music player of its kind in history. No small achievement for a company that is known for… Read More »

Could eBooks Really Take Over from Printed Books?

  If you are a regular visitor to our website you will no doubt have noticed we occasionally have a Kindle e-reader available to be auctioned off to the lowest unique bid winner in that auction. In fact we have the Kindle 6” E Ink display on offer at the moment. Now you could have lots of reasons for wanting to bid on this item. You might want to grab… Read More »