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New To Online Auctions? How To Get Started

  There was a time when online auctions meant eBay, and nothing more. Nowadays the online auction format comes in many different varieties. Even eBay has lots of Buy Now listings alongside the original auction listings. However if you are starting to look into other auction sites, it is well worth doing your homework before you place bids on any of them. We’ve put together some tips here so you… Read More »

Bidding On Items You Want To Buy: A Good Strategy For Penny Auction Sites

  While penny auction websites don’t always operate in exactly the same way, some of them will offer you an opportunity to buy items you haven’t managed to win in an auction. It is these sites that are the best ones to focus on, providing of course you check they are legitimate and well-run before you start. Penny auctions are run in different ways, but the idea is to pay… Read More »

Do Your Research Before Using Penny Auction Sites

  By now most people will be familiar with penny auction websites or ‘pay per bid’ sites as they are also sometimes known. If you are keen to have a go on one of these sites it makes sense to understand the definition of a penny auction first. The idea is that everyone who bids on a particular item available for auction makes the price of that item increase by… Read More »

Understanding the Different Types of Online Auctions

  If you’ve browsed the internet in search of online auction sites you’ll probably already be aware there are several types available. Understanding the differences between the various auctions available is a good idea for obvious reasons. You’ll be able to choose the type that appeals most and understand what the potential outcome could be as well. Here are three of the most familiar and most popular online auction types… Read More »

3 Benefits Of Lowest Unique Bid Auctions

  If you’ve played one or two auctions here at BidGrid you’ll probably be familiar with how our unique bid auction format works. But have you ever thought of all the perks of this format and what they actually have to offer to you? We’ve narrowed things down quite a bit here and provided you with three of the best advantages to this type of auction. 1: the lowest unique… Read More »