Need a Top-Quality Micro SD Card?

By | October 23, 2017

samsung 64gb evo micro sd card

Not all SD cards are created as equal, as you are about to discover. I used to think they were, but since I lost data from a couple of cards, I decided to upgrade to something a bit better.

If you go shopping for a memory card, there are a couple of important elements to think about. Firstly, you should consider the amount of data it can hold. The higher the number, the more storage it has. A 64GB card is ideal for all manner of purposes.

You should also think about the many things that can go wrong. I know that isn’t a positive thing to say, but we all know things get dropped, splashed with water, trodden on… you name it, it could happen. But there is good news for you if you choose wisely when looking for an SD card. We’ve got the Samsung 64GB Evo micro SD card available for you to bid on today, and you’ll soon see just how robust it is. It also comes with an SD adapter for ease of use, so it gets better still!

Raining? No worries – the SD card can survive

You’d be forgiven for panicking if your SD card was even splashed by water, let alone if you dropped it in accidentally and fully immersed it. But since this little beauty has been designed to last up to 24 hours in sea water, we think they’ve got it covered.

Constructed to weather even the toughest holidays

The waterproof nature of the Samsung SD card could be all you need if you like beach holidays in the sun. However, a cheap card could be ruined before you even leave the airport. When your bag passes through the x-ray machine, a cheap SD card could be damaged thanks to those x-rays.

Not so the Samsung version. This one is x-ray proof, giving you the peace of mind you need to be sure it can survive. And since it is also magnetic proof and temperature proof, you really would have to do some damage to… well, damage it.

How can you bid on it?

It’s simple. We have one micro SD card up for grabs for whoever wins this auction. At just 22p per bid, it makes perfect sense to see if you can secure a bargain by correctly guessing the lowest unique bid amount to win.

You might also notice our price for the Samsung 64GB Evo Micro SD Card is well under the usual price of £55.99. Our price is a mere £21.99, meaning you get a superb deal here when you’re ready for it. If you are going to buy one of these cards anyway, hang fire and bid on our auction first. You cannot lose if you do this – if you win, the price you pay will be no more than £3 for the card, plus your bid costs. If you lose, your bid costs will be deducted from our price for the card – not the RRP. If you want a bargain – and a micro SD card you can rely on – bid on our auction now.

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