Candle Safety is a Breeze When You Use Mooncandles

By | January 16, 2018


Ever heard of Mooncandles? Neither had we until we found these. Lots of people love candles, but there’s no doubt they can be dangerous. I’ve read stories of house fires starting because the sun came in through the window, set light to a candle and that was that. It sounds unlikely, and thankfully the stories I read were focused on small fires that were put out. But you just never know, do you?

Then there are the other safety aspects. If you have young children or pets, they don’t know the danger of candles. That means there is an increased risk of burns and accidents occurring.

But candles do look great, so is there a solution? There is, and it comes in the shape of these Mooncandles.

Safety first

Apart from having a great name, Mooncandles mean you can enjoy all the advantages of regular candles, without worrying about the potential for accidents. This set of three flameless candles look very realistic. In fact, if you didn’t go up close to them, you’d think they were real.

Can you believe they even have a timer? How many candles have you used that can provide that? It means you can leave these candles on for either four or eight hours, and they’ll automatically turn off after that. You can even adjust the brightness. So, if you nod off, you don’t need to worry about leaving candles burning. These are designed for safety, ambience, and appeal. Sounds good to us!

What do you get?

You get a pack of three Mooncandles, each in a different size. If you bid on this auction and win, you will get one 4” candle, one 5” candle, and one 6” candle. They look great together, or you can use them in different locations. You also get to decide whether to have them switched on as lights, or whether to use the flickering mode to make them look as realistic as possible. And you get a remote control, too, so if you’re comfy and you want to switch them on, you needn’t even get up to do it.

You will need two AAA batteries per candle, and these are included in the pack. The candles work with LEDs, so you get around 50,000 hours of light out of each one. That is a bargain in our eyes, especially since our price for these Mooncandles is far lower than the usual RRP. If you bought these at their regular price, you would pay £39.99. That isn’t bad considering their lifespan, but we give all unsuccessful bidders in our auction a chance to get them for just £16.

It gets better still, though – our price per bid is a mere 16p! So, if you placed, say, 10 bids on our live auction, it would only cost you £1.60. And of course, if you don’t win, we will knock off the total cost of your bids from our price – not the usual retail price. If you want these candles, it really is worth bidding on our auction. If you are the lucky bidder to choose the lowest unique bid, you win. If you don’t choose that bid, you are still getting more than 50% off these candles if you want to buy them direct from us.

This is one of many auctions live on our site now. Better yet, we’re launching into 2018 with lots of great auctions for you to enjoy. Now is the time to make sure you boost your chances of an early win in the New Year. Get those bids in today and you could be the lucky person we will be congratulating soon.

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