Get Ready for the Ultimate Arcade Experience

By | February 19, 2018

arcadie for ipad mini

Do you remember when arcade games were a huge part of our lives? You can still play them today, but would you believe you can do so in your own home?

I thought that might stump you. After all, if you want to play games today, chances are you grab your smartphone or tablet and access an app you’ve downloaded to provide you with that experience. There is a nice way to get the best of both worlds though, and you can do just that if you have an iPad Mini

Try and win the amazing Arcadie for iPad Mini here now

We’ve got one of these popular Arcadie for iPad Mini gadgets here for you to try and win. All you need to do is to place some bids on our auction to see if you can guess what the lowest unique bid will be. And at just 13p per bid – yes, that’s not a typo, it really is just 13p per bid – you can afford to place a few bids to see if one of them will be the lucky winning one.

What is the Arcadie?

The Arcadie has been designed to look just like a classic arcade game machine. It’s very colourful and has rubber feet, so you can set it down on a table or even on the floor and it won’t slide around while you are using it. All you need to do is to pop your iPad Mini into the unit and you’re good to go.

There are three games you can download free of charge from iTunes to get you started once you have your very own Arcadie. Will you go into battle with some Alien Invaders? Perhaps you would rather have a go at Blasteroids to see if you can win? There is also a ping pong-style game to try if you like. There will be more free titles on the way as well, but those three are ideal to get you started. Be warned, they can be very addictive to play!

The controls are built into the Arcadie unit, so once you’ve got your iPad Mini inside, you’ll easily be able to enjoy a classic arcade gaming experience. You don’t need to worry about adding batteries to the unit, and there’s no need for Bluetooth or other complications either. Just download whichever game you want to play, place your iPad Mini inside the cabinet, and you’re good to get started.

You can still claim a great deal even if you’re not our lucky winner

If you’ve bid on auctions before at BidGrid, you’ll know we offer a deal on each item to all those who placed bids but didn’t win. This deal is one of the best we have ever offered. The retail price for Arcadie is £29.99, but we can offer it to losing bidders at less than half price – just £12.99. Your total bids will be taken off that amount, so this is a win-win opportunity to get hold of the Arcadie for iPad Mini whether you win or not!

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