The Perfect Time to Stock Up on Bid Packs

By | March 13, 2018

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You can never do without a bid pack, can you? It doesn’t matter whether there are any items you’d like to bid on or not, it’s good to know you have some tokens ready in your account just in case. Who knows what might be available to bid on tomorrow or the day after?

If you look at our live auction page now, you’ll see we’ve got lots of bid packs up for grabs too. Some of our members don’t often bid on these; they prefer to bid on tangible items. There are plenty of those live right now too, but if you can’t find something to bid on, why not bid on one of our bid packs instead?

You can still save a huge percentage on the normal bid pack prices

Someone won a £15 bid pack the other day for just 11p. Can you imagine that? Just 11p to secure a £15 value. And they only placed five bids to win it! At just 15p per bid, they managed to save a whopping 94.27% on the normal bid pack price. Now that sounds like an incredible bargain to us.

We tend to put lots of £5 bid packs live for auction as well. The same principles apply no matter which auction you take part in. You get a maximum of 35 bids to use, with 10 at most on each line, and the cost per bid is related to the usual price you’d pay if you paid the face value. (The bid price is always 1% of the total item cost.)

You can still buy the pack if you don’t win it

If you want to buy a £15 bid pack and you spot one up for auction first, you can always choose to bid on it to see if you can get as good a deal as the person above did. If you don’t manage to do this, you can always buy it from us just as you were going to do originally anyway. It doesn’t matter if you placed just one bid or all 35, the cost of those bids is deducted from the bid pack price and you only pay the difference.

It’s this feature that makes bidding on our bid packs a sensible idea. If it is time to top up your account, check out our bid pack auctions first. With several of them reaching their final stages now, and others still live for a while yet, you’re certain to find a few you can try your luck with.

Looking at past winners and seeing how many bids it took them to win with, you might realise there are some real bargains to be had. There are lots of great items to win at BidGrid, and the bid packs are leading the pack.

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  1. chris harvey

    Do you process orders made like this? As you don’t process the orders of the winning bids.


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