Time to Get Grilling (or Griddling!)

By | July 24, 2018

russell hobbs panini grill and griddle

Have you ever been in a nice coffee shop and seen those wrapped paninis stacked up ready for sale? They look superb and I find them hard to resist. Better still are the ones they will grill for you and serve hot at your table. What better way to enjoy your coffee than to have one of those grilled paninis to accompany it?

It’s almost impossible to recreate those tasty paninis at home. At least, it has been until now. If you get the Russell Hobbs 3-in-1 panini, grill, and griddle, there is no end to the things you could create in your own kitchen. It has the 180-degree hinge that makes grilling those panini sandwiches so easy, clamping them gently into place so both the top and the bottom are grilled to perfection. Plonk some cheese inside (top tip – cheese and beans work beautifully together) and before you know it, you’ll be enjoying a toasted panini for lunch at home. Who needs to go out to a coffee shop to get one of these beauties?

How does it work?

That hinge makes it possible to enjoy all kinds of treats in your kitchen. We’ve covered paninis already, but you can toast your own sandwiches as well. The adjustable hinge means the machine automatically lowers the top plate to sit on your food every time.

It can also fully open to allow you to cook on both plates as a griddle. That means you can cook chicken, vegetables, fish… you name it, someone has probably already cooked it on the Russell Hobbs 3-in-1 panini, grill, and griddle. It is fast to cook as well, thanks to the heat of the item and the fact everything cooks from the top and bottom (unless you use it as a griddle, of course).

The plates are generously sized, meaning you can easily fit half a dozen rashers of bacon on just one plate when it is opened to the griddle position. That leaves plenty of room for mushrooms, tomatoes, or anything else you fancy on the other side. You can also enjoy some tasty chicken breasts or steaks if that is your kind of thing. Once you start using this panini press, you’ll realise it is good for cooking way more than that.

But could you win one?

You could get the chance to do just that if you take part in our live auction. We’ve got one Russell Hobbs panini, grill, and griddle ready and waiting to be sent to the lucky winner. All you need to do is to guess which amount turns out to be the lowest unique bid – the one no one else chooses, and the lowest amount chosen in the auction. Get it right and your grill, griddle, and panini press will be on its way to you – no delivery charges to pay.

If you get it wrong, you can still buy the item from us, thanks to our great deal. Our price is a full £10 lower than the recommended price for this 3-in-1 item, so you could save money here if you want to buy it anyway and you don’t win the auction. Whatever you placed in bids, that amount will be deducted from our price – not the retail price. This is a win-win for you if you fancy having some toasted, grilled, or griddled treats in your home very soon.

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