Are You Ready for Some Festive Bidding?

By | November 29, 2018

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Are you making plans for the festive season yet? With December just around the corner, Christmas suddenly seems a lot closer.

While your mind is probably on buying gifts, making plans, and buying outfits for party season, it’s good to get some downtime as well. BidGrid has some treats in store for you this festive season, so make sure you stay close and see what we’ve got in our stocking.

Think of us as your online advent calendar

Every day you visit our site, you’re sure to find some new auctions to consider bidding on. We realise nothing quite beats opening a chocolate advent calendar each day in December, but we hope we can provide you with some festive surprises in a virtual sense too.

Visit us whenever you can in December and find out which new items are up for auction. If you get time, maybe consider placing some bids on your favourites. If you spot something you were going to buy as a gift, it’s possible to try bidding on it to win it first. Even if you don’t place the lowest unique bid to win the auction, you’ll find our prices for buying it are cheaper than the typical retail price. So, you could get a bargain even if you don’t get the win.

We’ll be active throughout December

You’ll be surprised what we’ve got coming up in our December auctions. Make sure you don’t miss anything by visiting us as often as you can to catch the new auction items when they go live. We won’t reveal anything more here, but we have got some great auctions lined up for you to view in the coming weeks. Will you be here to check them out?

Bidding on Christmas Day? You bet!

Turkey and the trimmings, mince pies, Christmas pudding, too much food and drink… we all know how the festive season goes. You might also get tired of wall-to-wall television all day if the family loves to dip in and out of the films and TV shows.

But with BidGrid to hand, you can always hop online and place some bids. Yes, even on Christmas Day. We are here throughout the festive season, ready to offer some great auctions for all bidders to try and win. There will always be bid packs to win, so even if you don’t find anything else to try your luck on, you’ll always find an auction to suit. You can bet you won’t be the only BidGridder trying their luck on our auctions.

Take part in more of our free auctions too

If you are like many BidGridders, you may only take part in a few of our free auctions each day or week. When you’re working or otherwise busy, you don’t always remember to visit our site to place your 10 free bids on each auction.

However, many people manage to get at least a few days off over Christmas. If that applies to you, why not consider logging in more often and taking part in more free auctions? There is a new one beginning every three hours. The winner of the auction that has just ended will be announced after its completion. You can check whether you won a previous auction by viewing your account history. You’ll find them under ‘my practice auctions’.

Of course, with more people likely to be around this Christmas, competition for the free site credit could be fiercer than usual. However, it might still be worth trying your luck if you can. You’ve got nothing to lose, after all.

Christmas will be here before we know it. If you need some downtime or you want to make sure you don’t miss out on anything, our site is the place to be. As we wind up November, we’re preparing for the first day of December and the days beyond until the end of the year. Are you?


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