Try and Win a Micro SD Card to Capture Memories this Christmas

By | December 10, 2018

samsung 64gb evo micro sd card

At certain times of the year, cameras and phones come out more than ever. Christmas is one of those times, when we want to capture as many memories as we can. It’s good to have a phone handy to use at times like this, but you might also have a camera close at hand to capture those special festive memories. Either way, there is nothing worse than realising you’ve filled up your current memory card and don’t have time to nip out and get another one… or to download the content from your card so you can use it again.

Fear not, BidGrid members… we’ve got just the auction for you. This little micro SD memory card from Samsung may be small, but it is nothing less than robust. It offers a huge 64 GB of space to store those photos on, and it offers many features you just won’t find in other memory cards. Look at the advantages you’ll benefit from if you manage to win this Samsung EVO Micro SD Card in our live auction.

Waterproof and resistant to extremes of temperature

It’s not likely you’re going to go diving in the sea this Christmas – much less with your phone, tablet, or camera in hand. However, if an accident should occur, it’s handy to know this SD card can survive for up to 24 hours submerged in sea water. Or, presumably, in other bodies of water. Hopefully, you will never need to know how robust the SD card is, but hey, it’s nice to be reassured.

It can also withstand temperatures dipping as low as -25 degrees Celsius, as well as resisting heat of up to 85 degrees Celsius. If it doesn’t go in the oven with the turkey, it should survive the rigours of the festive season, don’t you think?

Resistant to magnetic forces and x-rays

Now, you may not think you need to worry about that kind of thing. But if you’re travelling this festive season and you win this little beauty, you can happily carry it through airport x-ray machines without worrying about whether all its data would be damaged or erased. Nice and easy.

Ideal for use in many devices

Whether you are thinking of using it for your digital SLR camera or your smartphone, your camcorder or your tablet, this Samsung EVO SD card is ideal for your purposes. It has been designed to give the best performance in all situations, making life easier for you and convenient as well. It may indeed be small, but this SD card packs in some powerful features, as you can see above.

How can you try to win the SD card?

We have one of these beauties up for grabs in our auction today. Be quick – we are heading into the final stages of the auction, so make sure you don’t miss out. As you may already be aware, the lowest unique bid wins the auction. However, if you bid and you miss out, you can still purchase the Samsung EVO Micro SD Card from us at a reduced price. Much like batteries, SD cards can easily be forgotten in the run up to Christmas. Don’t forget yours – bid on our auction today to try and win one, and then buy it from us if you don’t get lucky.

The regular price for this SD card is £55.99. However, our amazing deal is available to unlucky bidders on this auction. We’re offering the SD card for just £21.99 – a huge £34 off the regular retail price. So, if you bid on our auction today, you can see you are putting yourself in a win-win position.

With up to 35 bids to place – a maximum of 10 per row – you’ve got a chance to be our lucky winner. And if you don’t manage to do that, you can still enjoy an amazing bargain courtesy of BidGrid. Now, that’s what we call a true win-win deal. Would you agree? Give yourself the chance of a superb deal or win today, simply by placing one or more bids on this live auction. Good luck!

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