Challenge the Family to a Game of Monopoly this Christmas

By | December 13, 2018



Board games come out during the festive season even if they don’t for the rest of the year. When the whole family gets together for Christmas dinner, a good board game can be the ideal thing to play afterwards. Yes, maybe accompanied by some mince pies.

We decided to put some board games up for auction this week, to help you with your plans for entertaining family and friends this Christmas. One of the most popular board games of all is, of course, Monopoly. We can thank two people called Elizabeth Magie and Charles Darrow for coming up with the original idea for this. The first version of the game was released in 1935, and today, with numerous specialised versions for sale alongside the original, it shows no sign of becoming any less popular.

Property trading with a twist or two

Monopoly gives you the chance to buy properties, sell them on, put houses and hotels on them, and of course (the best bit) charging everyone else rent if they are unfortunate enough to land on them. Everyone starts with the same amount of cash, but things can soon go south if you make the wrong financial decisions.

Everyone seems to play this slightly differently as well. We had house rules we’d play by, and we know of other people who have adopted different rules too. Most elements are the same as they were originally intended, but it does make for some interesting variations if you play with others for the first time. Our family was known for writing out IOUs to keep the game going for longer. It sometimes got one or two of us out of trouble, but most of the time we ended up with a huge pile of paper IOUs and no cash to speak of. It was merely prolonging the painful withdrawal from the game in most cases.

Will you place 15p per bid to try and win our copy of the Monopoly board game?

Yes, that’s right – just 15p will get you a bid on this Monopoly board game. The usual bid limits are in place for each BidGrid member, which means a maximum of 35 bids on the auction with 10 per row at the most.

You might also notice our price is £2 cheaper than the recommended price given for the game. So, if you want to get a copy for Christmas, ready for pitting your relatives against one another, this is a good way to see if you can grab a real bargain.

Let me give you an example. Let’s say you decided to place the maximum 35 bids you are permitted on this auction. That would mean a total cost of £5.25. If you won, you would pay the winning bid and receive your board game. It would also give you a huge saving off the regular price.

However, if you lost, what about all those lost bids? The good news is you wouldn’t lose them. If you decided to buy the board game from us, at our price rather than the regular price, you would pay the difference. That means you can subtract £5.25 from our price of £14.99 for this Monopoly game. You would simply pay the remaining £9.74 to have the game sent to you at home.

Isn’t that the best deal ever?

We are getting into the festive mood here at BidGrid, so watch out for more great auctions coming up as we tick down the days to Christmas. Will you be indulging in some competitive buying and selling with your family this year? If you win this copy of Monopoly with the lowest unique bid, the answer could well be yes.

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