Serve Up a Treat for the Family this Christmas

By | December 17, 2018

russell hobbs panini grill and griddle

It’s hard to believe but it’s only just over a week until Christmas Day. I think I’ve finished my Christmas shopping, but it’s the food side of things that provides the biggest challenges in our house. I can handle Christmas dinner with no issues – I look forward to cooking that and welcoming extra guests to join us isn’t a challenge.

No – the challenge comes when we are thinking about providing a buffet lunch or something a bit different to eat in the days after Christmas. You know, when we are all tired of turkey and want something else to eat. I’ve got cookery books to dip into that will help, but sometimes you want an easy way to serve something impressive.

Step in the Russell Hobbs 3-in-1 panini, grill, and griddle. I’ve got one of these and it was a life saver last year. I’m sure it will be this year too. Somehow, serving up sandwiches or chunks of bread with cold meat and pickles just isn’t that inspiring. Whip out one of these panini makers though and you’re onto something. I guarantee your guests will be impressed with freshly cooked paninis and toasties… even if you do sneak some cold turkey in there for them. In fact, cold turkey, slices of stuffing, and maybe even cranberry sauce… now we’re onto something.

But back to the panini, griddle, and grill

I may or may not have stopped writing to go and use my panini maker there. Anyway, this cool kitchen gadget is the best way to serve up some tasty and quick lunches for your guests this Christmas. It’s nice to have a cold buffet but imagine how much easier it will be to serve some toasties or paninis with this ready and raring to go.

It comes with two non-stick plates that are a breeze to clean. Furthermore, there’s a drip tray built in, so if you’re cooking anything fatty, most of it will drain away with ease. The gadget has been designed to work while it is open, so each side can be used as a griddle. Alternatively, put the bottom half of your panini on the bottom plate, add your toppings, pop on the top half, and close the lid. The unique design of the hinge means it can take larger paninis with ease.

Be warned, though – if you get one of these (or win it in our live auction) you won’t stop using it once you discover how good it is. It would certainly be indispensable this festive season.

How can you win it?

If you place one or more bids on our auction today, you could be the person to pick the lowest unique bid. If you manage that, we will send the Russell Hobbs 3-in-1 panini, grill, and griddle direct to your door. If you like the sound of it anyway, bid on it now and you will get the chance to buy it from us at £10 less than the retail price once the auction is over. Assuming you don’t manage to win it, of course.

We often talk about win-win auctions. However, with Christmas coming up and extra guests on the way, you could say this is a win-win-win auction. Make life easy for yourself this Christmas and try and win our panini maker today. At just 40p per bid, with your bid costs going towards our price for the maker if you decide to buy it afterwards, this is a deal you won’t want to miss.

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