Will You Win a Bid Pack for Christmas?

By | December 20, 2018

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With Christmas Day now just days away, you’re probably focusing on the final preparations to make everything go smoothly. There’s food to buy, last-minute gifts to sort out, and making sure the house looks suitably festive for our guests. Yes, we’ve all been there, but we probably know from previous experience that it pays to enjoy some downtime during the preparations as well.

While it is too late to try and win our auctions to grab a festive gift or two in time for the big day, it is never too late to bid on some of our bid pack auctions. We’ve still got plenty of great deals on offer in other auctions too. Who wouldn’t want a board game, a kitchen item, or a luxury item to win for £3 or less arriving just after Christmas?

But if you cannot see anything you like the look of, don’t worry. We’ve got plenty of bid pack auctions ready to bid on right now. We’ll be adding more to the site over the festive period as well, giving you regular opportunities to bid on our packs.

Think of a bid pack as a gift voucher for our site

Gift vouchers have long been a popular choice for anyone who struggles to know what to get a special someone for Christmas. They may have been superseded by gift cards, but the idea behind them is the same. Even websites are getting in on the act, offering virtual gift cards by giving the recipient a code they can enjoy redeeming on their site.

Our bid packs are the equivalent of that. They’re available all year, and if you win one over the festive period you know it will be deposited into your BidGrid account ready to use on upcoming auctions. Isn’t that just the best thing?

Bid before you buy – that’s our motto

Our bid pack auctions are always hugely popular because people know they might win a pack for a lot less than the face value. Maybe you will be the next lucky player to do just that. We’ve got plenty of £5 bid packs up for grabs now, with more on the way too.

Quite a few of our There is no risk to you if you want to buy a pack either. Bidding on one can save you money, give you a chance to win, and still give you an alternative to pay the balance to buy the pack afterwards. This no-risk, no-lose opportunity holds true for all our auctions, giving you the perfect reason to start bidding if you see something you want to buy.

We hope you will get lucky on one or more of our auctions this Christmas. Nothing gives us greater satisfaction than seeing someone win a bid pack or other prize for just pennies. If you need some time away from the festivities this year, head to BidGrid to see what is up for grabs. Bid packs will always be here to bid on, along with numerous other items to brighten your Christmas. Maybe there will be a gift or two in there for you as well. If you’ve been trying to win auctions to grab a gift for someone you love, remember it is great to treat yourself too.

Have a great time this Christmas. We look forward to welcoming you to our auctions over the coming days, and through into the New Year as well. Happy Christmas and good luck!

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  1. Ann Smith

    When I have tried to log in to the auctions the system isn’t letting me just showing a lot of technical information


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