Get More Than Five a Day for the New Year

By | January 14, 2019

breville blend active gadget

Ah, January… a long, long month for many of us. It’s also a month where we often feel bloated after the excesses of Christmas and the New Year celebrations. After polishing off the Christmas pudding, Christmas cake, and chocolates, it’s natural to want to progress to a healthier way of eating to welcome in the New Year.

For many of us, that means cutting down on the processed food and treats and trying to eat more fruit and vegetables. Of course, that is often easier said than done. I love my veggies but trying to get five portions a day isn’t easy. I read somewhere we should be getting seven portions instead, making life even harder if we’re already struggling to hit five.

We’ve found something that might just make life easier though. Fruits and veggies would be a lot easier to enjoy if we could drink them rather than eat them. A blended shake or smoothie is just the way some people start their day, and it could be your new way too. Our auction for a Breville Blend-Active blender could be just what you’re looking for to start 2019 in a healthier way. This is no ordinary blender – it’s perfectly sized to produce individual drinks and shakes. If you had one of these on your kitchen worktop, you’d be able to put it to use every morning with ease.

What can you blend in it?

I’m glad you asked. While fruit and veggies can easily be blended into nutritious drinks in the Breville Blend-Active blender, you can also put nuts and ice in there. Whatever comes to mind when you think of a healthy drink, you can be sure it’s possible to make it in this smart individual blender.

The sports bottle that comes with the blender holds 600ml, giving you plenty of room to create some tasty smoothies to grab and go first thing in the morning. It’s ideal for mixing up and taking to the gym or to work, so you can drink on the go. The blender comes with a blade lid, so you can attach this, blend the items to your liking and then take it off the base unit. Swap out the blade lid for the regular lid – leakproof for convenience – and you’re good to go.

Is this what you’ve been looking for to start 2019 in a healthier way?

Just 25p per bid could get you this Breville Blend-Active blender

Just decide how many bids you wish to place on this auction and click on the relevant amounts in the grid. You’ve got up to 35 bids to place here, with up to 10 allowable bids per row. If you guess correctly and one of your bids is the lowest unique bid once the auction ends, you’ll win the item.

Of course, this is BidGrid. It wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t offer you the chance to buy the blender from us at a reduced price. This normally retails for £29.99 but we can offer it to losing bidders for just £25.00. If you were thinking of buying one anyway, our auction gives you the chance to win it first. If the lowest unique bid that wins the auction isn’t one of yours, just pay the difference between your bid costs and the amount we are offering the blender for. So, this could be the best way to begin 2019. Give the auction a try today if you’re feeling lucky – knowing there is a great deal available for you if you don’t put in the winning bid. Good luck!

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