Can You Swipe Your Way to Success?

By | January 24, 2019

simon swipe

Do you recall playing Simon Says? I remember this from my youth, but since I reached adult age, I haven’t thought about it in years. Not until I saw Simon Swipe and decided to include it as one of our next auction items. It’s live now, so catch it while you can. One bid could be all it takes to win it if you guess the lowest unique bid and hold that position until the auction ends.

This is a 21st century version of Simon Says – one that uses batteries! The great thing about the game is you can play it alone or with friends. There aren’t many games you could say that about. The idea is to follow the patterns shown on the game. You’ve got lights and sounds to match here, so don’t assume it is anywhere near as easy as it sounds.

Four games in one

Yes, Simon Swipe doesn’t just present you with one challenge. It gives you way more than that. You get four different games to try:

  • Classic
  • Levels (includes 16 levels if you’re good enough to progress through them)
  • Extreme
  • Party

As the name suggests, the Party version is ideal when you’ve got friends or family ready to join in as well. I recommend starting with the Classic version and working your way up from there. (I’m still stuck on Classic, if you want to know. Ah well.)

Ideal for kids and adults

Simon Swipe is one of those rarities that everyone seems to love. That means you will finally own a game you can get out for all the family at Christmas, birthdays, and other party occasions. Be prepared to be shown up by the kids though!

Enjoy our lower price if you buy from us

If you want to add Simon Swipe to your games collection, take a chance and bid on our auction today. At just 15p per bid, it represents great value. That’s especially true as the cost of every bid is deducted from our price. We’re offering this item to unsuccessful bidders at just £14.99 – £7 off the usual retail price. So, you could win it for pennies or claim yours from us minus your bid costs if you wish.

That’s what we call a great deal, and one we think you will appreciate.

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