Which Bid Pack Auction Should You Enter?

By | January 30, 2019

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At the time of writing this, there are several Bid Pack auctions you could take part in. Most are for £5 bid packs. Now, maybe you never bid on these auctions, preferring instead to bid on tangible items that would be posted to you if you won. Or maybe you’ve spotted something you’d like to get anyway, so you bid on it first to see if you can win it.

You may wonder whether it is worth bidding on auctions for Bid Packs. We think it is. After all, the one thing all our members will need if they decide to take part in auctions is a Bid Pack. They are available in several sizes, but you might be happy to get started with a £5 Bid Pack. So, if you have some cash in your account, place some bids on a Bid Pack auction now and see if you get lucky. Some of our members have won Bid Packs for a fraction of the usual price. And remember, you can always buy it from us afterwards if you’re unsuccessful in winning it. You will never pay more than the regular price for one anyway, so it’s a good deal.

Choosing a Bid Pack auction to enter

Should you choose one with just a few hours left until it ends? Would it be better to choose one that has only just begun?

It may depend on how you prefer to place your bids. Some people like to bid early, so they stand more chance of getting some green bids onto the lower part of the grid. Of course, there is no guarantee those bids won’t be knocked out of position and turned red (non-unique) before the auction ends.

Others prefer to bid later, but they will spread out their bids to work out where other people might have placed theirs. In doing so, it means they can place additional bids in the places they think might be more successful.

Of course, there are no guarantees you will win the Bid Pack regardless of how you decide to bid. But since you know you can buy it to top up your account at the end if you don’t win, you can see there are advantages in trying your luck with one of these auctions.

With lots of them live right now, why not try your luck with one today?

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