3 Reasons Mooncandles are Safer Than Regular Candles

By | January 31, 2019


Have you thought about entering our Mooncandles auction yet? If not, now is the ideal time. We have a set of Mooncandles available to send to the person who has chosen the lowest unique bid on our auction when it ends.

If you’re wondering whether these could prove a good alternative to regular candles, read on. There are three smart reasons why they are far safer.

1: they’re pet-friendly

If you have pets around the house, whether they are cats, dogs, or something else, you probably know you need to be careful. You need to make sure they cannot get hold of anything that could cause them harm. Training comes in handy, but lit candles can easily be knocked over. We all know lit candles should never be left unattended, but how many of us have ignored that advice – even if only for a moment or two?

That is all it takes for a dog or cat to knock over a candle with potentially harmful consequences. You’d at least have some damage to take care of.

2: they’re child-friendly

This follows on from what the pet-friendly aspect I mentioned above. Many people love having candles around, but they feel they are far from safe when children are around. Even older children can present a hazard if candles are lit. Mooncandles are the ideal alternative, providing a safe and convenient solution that still looks great.

3: they’re not affected by the sun

Have you ever thought about this one? Occasionally, you’ll see stories in the paper or online where someone has left an unlit candle on a windowsill. The sun moves around (as it does) and the candle catches light. Yes, it can and does happen. Thankfully, the damage is usually minimal – at least, it is in the stories I’ve read.

That said, it has caused a minor fire and damage to soft furnishings and walls, usually because someone was in at the time and managed to put the fire out before it caused too much damage. Can you imagine what might have occurred if that someone had been out?

Mooncandles are not a potential danger like this. Since they are battery operated, they cannot catch light like regular candles might. That means you can happily display them wherever you want to, without worrying about the potential consequences.

With each bid on this auction costing just 16p, you’ve got a chance to grab these Mooncandles for an incredibly low price. If you don’t win, buy from us after the auction at a hugely-reduced price. That is a win-win deal everyone can get behind.

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