5 Unusual Things You Should Know About BidGrid Online Auctions

By | February 21, 2019

bidgrid auctions

There is plenty you should know about bidding on our online auctions. You can certainly find out a lot of information simply by reading through the various areas of our site. However, it is easier to find everything in one place.

That’s why I’ve put together a few useful points for you here, so you can see the essential things you need to know about taking part in BidGrid online auctions.

Early or late bids stand an equal chance of winning

Is it possible to sneak in with a bid at the last moment and for that to be the successful auction bid that wins the item? Yes, it is entirely possible. Of course, the process of bidding can change depending on how long the auction has left to run.

For example, the later it gets, the more bids are likely to be in place on the grid. This also means your own bids are more likely to go red to indicate they are not unique. You might also knock other people out of the running and place the lowest unique bid as part of that process. You simply never know. That’s part of the enjoyment of bidding at BidGrid.

The top price any item can go for is just £3

This can be confirmed by checking the Bid Grid for each auction. You’ll see the grid with all the amounts available in it. It measures 20 across by 15 high, covering 300 different bid amounts from 0.01 to 3.00. This means you can choose any of those amounts to bid on.

Yet while the maximum £3 bid is super low, you will be amazed to see the winning bids made on many of our auctions. We cannot remember a time when someone won with a bid of £1 or more, for example. Sounds unlikely? We just had a slew of winning bidders who scooped their items for just a penny each. You never know, you might be the next one with a chance of doing the same.

There are always several live auctions to take part in

Has the latest auction you placed a bid on just finished? Don’t worry, there’ll be another one along shortly. Our site always has several auctions up and running for you to take part in, so it makes sense to review the live auctions page whenever you want to place a few more bids.

Auctions that are coming into their final hours will be marked as such. We use a traffic light system to make it clear which auctions are more urgent given their approaching end times. The red ones are the ones you should look at first, just in case you want to bid, and time is running out.

Our price is usually far lower than the retail price for each item

Did you know that if you take part in one of our auctions and you don’t win, you can still buy the item direct from us? This is possible in all cases, but you won’t be charged the full retail price for it. Instead, our price for the item is given clearly on the auction page. You can still access this once the auction has ended, too. Just go into your account and click on the auction in question. You will see who won and where the other bids were placed.

If you decide you want the item anyway, you will also see what our price is having accounted for the bids you placed on the auction. For example, if our price was £15 and you placed bids worth £5, the price to pay to receive the item from us would be reduced to £10. This is one of the reasons people love bidding with us. They know they won’t lose out if they don’t win, because they can still get a great deal.

Our bid limits mean you can win up to nine items every week

This works on a rolling seven-day period. You can check your standing by looking at your Weekly Win Limit stats near the top of the site when you are logged into your account. It means you can win one item a day and still not hit your limits. Could you be that lucky? It’s certainly entertaining to find out.

If you are new to BidGrid, I’d encourage you to look around and find out as much as you can about how to take part in our auctions. Remember, we are here to respond to queries if you need to know something and you cannot find the answer. The aim of the game is to give everyone the chance to scoop auctions for pennies at a time. Could that happen to you?

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