Can You Articulate Your Life with this Board Game?

By | March 5, 2019

articulate your life board game

Board games are still incredibly popular, even though we’re surrounded by the internet and the modern gaming industry. They’ve survived in an era where many believed they’d vanish, and they continue to thrive today.

If you are good with words, this sister edition to the original Articulate game is just the thing to liven up your next party or get-together. Articulate Your Life is a frantic, entertaining, challenging, and might just leave you tongue-tied. Or not. It depends how good you end up being…

The board game can be played by teams, so this is the ideal game to get if your parties tend to involve lots of people. According to the instructions, two big teams are better than playing in several smaller teams. Each team will contain Describers and Guessers, which are self-explanatory roles and suggest how the game is played. The idea is to be in the first team to complete the journey around the board.

Exploring different categories

The game board contains lots of category segments. The segment landed on is the one used for that round. The categories include Social Life, Getting Away, Working Life, Home Life, and Sporting Life. The describer then chooses a card and describes the word or phrase that relates to that category. The idea is to correctly guess as many as possible before the timer runs out.

What are the reviews like?

Those with large families or groups of friends loved the game. Some words or phrases prove more challenging than others, of course, but a good selection of categories from life (hence the title) keep things interesting. It can carry on for a while too, without dragging on for ages until everyone gets bored.

It’s also a good one for people of all ages to play. Some mentioned that it can be fun playing with kids as the descriptions for certain words can be very different from those that adults would choose. Makes me wonder which words they were describing!

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