Minecraft: Explore or Create a New World Today

By | March 6, 2019

minecraft game

Most of us have a creative side, even if we don’t often express it. We tend to think of creative people as those who write, take photos, paint, or sculpt. Yet if you have ever played Minecraft or similar games, you know you have a creative side too.

Our Minecraft auctions are always incredibly popular. We have lots of people trying to win a copy of the Minecraft game, and it is not hard to understand why. Creating worlds is the name of the game here. You could create your own shack to protect you under cover of darkness or create an entire new town or city with countless buildings inside it. As you will know if you have tried this game before (or read anything about it), Minecraft has monsters in it. You’re fine during the day, but when night falls those monsters will come out, and you won’t want to be left without shelter when that happens.

Why is Minecraft so popular?

No doubt lots of people have asked this question. It tends to be asked by those who haven’t played it or those who are unimpressed by its blocky appearance. After all, we live in an age where graphics are pin sharp and very impressive. 3D games are possible to play and enjoy. So, why would Minecraft, with its blocky and basic appearance, be such a big hit?

Perhaps it is the scope the game offers people. You could probably ask a hundred people what makes Minecraft so good, and you’d likely get 100 different answers. If you want to build a basic shack and arm yourself with weapons against those monsters, you can. If you want to think big and build your very own castle, you can do that too. But before you build anything, you need to mine the items you need.

Are you a survivalist or a creative?

These are the two most popular modes in Minecraft. If you choose Survival mode, you’re going to be faced with predators. You’ll need to learn how to find weapons and defend yourself, and to build a shelter that will protect you when those monsters come calling.

Conversely, if you choose Creative mode, you will be able to forget about the monsters and create however many buildings, settings, and worlds they wish to develop. As such, the game offers something for everyone. Those who love the challenge of slaying monsters and defending their territory will love the Survival aspect of the game. Those who decide to unleash their creative side will go for that option instead. And since it is all rolled into the same game, you can make a different choice whenever the mood takes you.

All this and no end in sight?

Yes, that is something that will either appeal to you or put you off playing Minecraft. While many computer games have an end stage or point to strive for, this isn’t the case in Minecraft. Many have compared Minecraft to LEGO, and it is not hard to see why. It’s certainly easy to see why the LEGO Minecraft series of kits has been very popular.

And now you have the chance to bid on our Minecraft auction. At just 17p per bid, you could grab a bargain. We are offering Minecraft in various formats too, so if you win the auction you can contact us to let us know which format you would like. Place your bids now and remember the one that wins will be the lowest unique bid placed by the end of the auction. Could that bid be yours? Get started today and remember you can always purchase a copy of Minecraft from us if you don’t win. Our price is lower than the retail price and will take off your total bid costs too. Good luck!

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