Could You Net Up to Nine Auction Prizes Per Week?

By | March 20, 2019

weekly win limits

You could if you were fortunate enough to scoop nine auctions at BidGrid. Think about that – nine items won via our auctions. That would be an impressive amount over a seven-day period. It would mean winning something at least once a day, with two prizes on a couple of those days. Most people would be delighted with that outcome.

Our bid limits were implemented a while back to make sure everyone has a good chance of getting some prizes from our auctions. Once those limits came into force, we noticed a lot of new players scoring some auction prizes. That’s always great news, because it means we don’t continually get the same people winning everything.

You can win five bronze auctions, three silver auctions, and one gold auction in each seven-day period. This is done on a rolling seven-day period too, so as each day goes past, you may well find you can take part in more auctions depending on your success rate in recent days. And let’s face it, if you did manage to hit those win limits, you’d be happy to sit back, celebrate, and enjoy your prizes for a few days, wouldn’t you?

You can always check how close you are to your weekly win limits by logging into your account. Underneath the blue menu bar, you will then see a tab detailing the limits for bronze, silver, and gold auctions. If a star is completed, you’ll know that winning auction counts towards your limit. If all stars are completed, your limit has been hit for that seven-day period. But remember, log in each day to see what your rolling total is. This will make it easy for you to see when you can take part in another auction.

If you love fair play and it means a lot to you to get it, BidGrid delivers by making it as simple as possible for everyone to stand a chance of winning.

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