How Much Do You Know about Monopoly?

By | May 28, 2019


The history of Monopoly makes for dull reading if you go back to the beginning of this fascinating game. It has sent many a family and group of friends into competitive combat as everyone tries to amass the most property and the most money by the end of the game. But do we know how it all began?

The earliest version of the game is proven by a patented drawing dated early January 1904. The drawing shows many of the features we associate with the modern version of the game we play today. Yet this game was not called Monopoly. Instead, it was called The Landlord’s Game. It was based around property and taxes though and was the inspiration for the game we know and love today.

The game developed over subsequent years and eventually grew into the Monopoly game we now recognise – the one originally sold by Parker Brothers and that is today sold by Hasbro. It is now fast moving towards celebrating its century as far as the original Monopoly release date goes. It first came out in 1935. However, we now know the history of the game stretches back over a century.

Is the original Monopoly game still the best?

By original, we mean the standard game featuring all the standard pieces – one that is not connected to any theme, TV show, film, or other idea. This is the game we have up for grabs in our auction – the one you probably grew up with (or a version of it anyway).

We don’t know who came up with the idea of creating different versions of Monopoly based on various themes, but we like it. Pokemon, Game of Thrones, and Star Wars are just three of many different versions we’ve spotted.

How can you be in with a chance of winning our Monopoly board game?

We’ve got a complete Monopoly board game up for grabs in our live auction right now. It retails at £16.99 (a steal in itself, if you ask us), but we have it available to losing bidders on our auction for just £14.99. Of course, you could be the one person who manages to select the lowest unique bid once our auction ends. If you are, you will receive this Monopoly set for the cost of your bid. It could be pennies!

There is still ample time to check out the auction grid to see what you can do. Each bid you place costs just 15p, with a maximum of 10 bids to place on an individual row and 35 bids in total. If you intend to buy the game anyway, bidding on our auction first makes good sense. You never know, you could win… and if not, your bid costs will always be deducted from our price for the set – not the retail price. You could get a great deal here, and if you are crowned as our winner, the deal will be even better still. The set will be delivered to the winner’s door without charge, so get involved today and see if you can take the first steps towards building a (virtual) property empire to be proud of.

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