Getting Into the Last 12 Hours of Bidding

By | November 29, 2013

Getting Into the Last 12 Hours of Bidding


Once you get used to using our website you’ll notice we have a real mix of auctions. Our home page features a lot of them, and they are all set to finish on different days and at different times.

Now everyone has a set way of using our site. Some people like pouncing on auctions that have only just been listed, so they can get in some unique bids in the hope of winning the item they are looking at. Others like to wait to see who gets onto the leader board so they can start bidding at a later stage instead.

But how do you react when you see the ribbon across the corner of the item that has the fateful words ‘FINAL 12 Hours!’? Do you take a look at the leader board and think you won’t stand a chance of getting the lowest unique bid now there are so many positions filled up? Or do you think you might still get lucky and get in at the last minute with the lowest unique bid?

Time is not the answer – picking the right bid amount is

Here’s something you may want to think about. If you were the first bidder on an auction you would have the lowest unique bid. You might stay with that bid throughout the days the auction was live. However, there is nothing to say someone cannot come in at the last minute, pick the right bid amount and get the lowest unique bid instead of you. It all depends on the amounts you chose and the amounts they choose – not to mention all the other players and where they stand in the auction.

Will you be the lucky one?

There’s a question – could you be lucky when bidding in the final twelve hours of an auction? The answer is a resounding yes. The rules remain the same as they do at any other time. This means you might get lucky and pick the one amount that hasn’t yet been bid on by anyone else. After all, the lowest unique bid amount is not discovered until the auction is over and all the bids are in. This is when we discover the lowest amount, what it is and who made the bid.

As you can see, even if an auction is going into its final hours you may still be in with a chance of grabbing that item for a low, low price. Why not have a shot now?


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