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By | December 4, 2013

Join The BidGrid Facebook Community


If you have an account on Facebook you should get over there today and join our BidGrid family. You’ll find us at and we’d be delighted if you liked us and started keeping up with our posts to the site.

As you will see we provide more information about our site and how it works, as well as revealing some of the latest auctions to go live on BidGrid. If you are thinking about whether to join BidGrid for the first time, why not take a look round our Facebook community to see what you think? You can find some of our regular visitors there, not to mention competitions and information about the latest winners and the massive savings they have enjoyed.

There aren’t many other bidding sites like us and our ‘lowest unique bid wins’ format is catching on fast, with more than 9,000 likes on Facebook at the time of writing, we’re adding new people all the time. We update our Facebook page regularly and we also provide you with information and links to items that will be ending soon. If you are on Facebook regularly anyway, it certainly provides you with a great way to stay in touch with us. And yes, we do read your comments and suggestions and respond to many of them as well. So why not get in touch today if you have something to share with us? We’d certainly be glad to see you on our page and on our website as well.

11 thoughts on “Join the BidGrid Community on Facebook


    I really enjoy using BidGrid. its easy to use and fun and most of all, trustworthy. My user name is KIttenpal.

  2. savvysaver

    Well Bidgrid , you are certainly the only auction bid site that writes a great blog , great incentives for bidders to join too …..that’s why my username is savvysaver

  3. Rosaali

    The counter goes slower that it should be that make me stop using the website. At last moment I hold bid on specific prices I found that there are no bids on these prices. I will be happy to use the site again if the the problem of counter resolved and If the board always show me the bids I used.

    1. bidgrid Post author

      Hi Rosaali,

      There can sometimes be a slight lag on the timers but only if you remain on one webpage for a long period of time, although it’s not normally anything significant. For example – If you had the same page open for more than 15 minutes there may be a lag on the timers of between 5-10 seconds, however you can easily get around this by simply refreshing the page. There are other factors which we can’t control such as the speed of your internet connection and the device you are using.

      When an auction has ended the total bids from all bidders will be displayed on the grid. You can see each individual bid that you have placed by going to your ‘Bid History’ within your account.

      1. Beverley

        Haha, see it’s not just me!!
        I am no longer the Billy No-Mates of the internet connection world!
        Luckywin x x x

  4. Emma

    Great site, always giving away free bids and always have great products. And u actually stand a good chance of winning unlike other bid sites out there :)

  5. Andrew Chappell

    Great site, great fun and always a fair chance of winning something if your quick!


  6. Gracie0401

    Love using this site got my Fiance some headphones he really wanted for £1 :) :)


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