What’s the Appeal of Super Mario?

By | December 7, 2013

Whats the Appeal of Super Mario


If you have any interest at all in gaming you will know that Super Mario has been a huge figure in this industry for quite a while now. These characters have featured in plenty of different games over the years and now they are back in Super Mario 3D World. As you might imagine, we’re blogging about this game for a reason – namely that we have a copy up for auction at the moment. If you have the Nintendo Wii U platform you should try your luck now.

The game retails for £50 but you can place a bid for just 38p. You can place up to 50 bids in each auction to increase your chances of having the lowest unique bid – or try and get lucky with just a couple of bids. It’s up to you.

What does Super Mario 3D World have to offer?

It might be easier to describe what it can’t offer, because this game has plenty of superb features. If you love the linear style of game play you will certainly enjoy it, as it features heavily in this game.

One of the best bits of Super Mario 3D World is the array of secrets that tend to be hidden among the levels. Some of these enable you to bypass whole worlds, although we wonder why you would want to miss out on some of the great game play. Still it’s fun to try and find them (but don’t ask us where they are – we know they’re there but we can’t find them!).

The best thing about the game all told though is the fact that it is instantly recognisable if you have ever played a Super Mario game of any description before. It reels you in as soon as you start playing and this really is a huge world (or series of them) to discover too. The 3D nature of the game is pretty appealing and there are some thoughtful and rather funny touches throughout as well. One particular highlight is the catsuit Mario gets to wear – and on that note we’ll leave you to look forward to seeing it for real when you play the game. Suffice to say it gives you some nifty new moves to look forward to.

Watch out for the small Captain Toad levels as well. These are mixed in between the main levels and although they are pretty small compared to the main game they are still beautifully done and great to play.

All in all we think this game is a winner and we think you will too. And since you have the chance to win it for a maximum price of £3, it’s probably worth putting in a bid or two if you can. Remember if you aren’t the lucky winner you still get the option to purchase this game for our sale price of £48.00 minus you’re full bid costs. Look out for the winner to be announced when the auction ends in a few days time. If you are the lucky winner you could end up having a great gaming time this Christmas if you get half a chance!


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