Great New Bid Pack Opportunities are Coming Your Way!

By | December 13, 2013

Great New Bid Pack Opportunities are Coming Your Way!


How long have you been a member of BidGrid for? If you’ve joined us at some point over the last few weeks you may have seen the great offer we’ve had available on a £5 starter bid pack. Basically the idea is that you can buy this starter pack once after you have registered for your account with us.

Up until now this has been a once only feature for new people joining our site. However, we’ve decided to make some changes we think you will be really happy with, no matter how long you have been with us.

£5 bid packs now available for everyone to enjoy!

Yes it’s true – maybe it’s the spirit of the festive season but this £5 bid pack will now be made available to all our members at all times. As you will be aware, our previous minimum spend for a top up was £20, so reducing this to £5 will help make our site more accessible to everyone who wants to use it. Remember, you can now top up by just £5 a time whenever you want to.

But we’ve also made another significant change we think you’ll like, as you’ll find out below.

Free bonus amounts increased

If you are familiar with the idea of getting free bonus amounts on the bid packs you buy, you will be pleased to know we’ve made some changes here too. The £20 bid pack didn’t previously have any free bonus amounts added to it, but it does now.

So here are the options you will have. The cheapest bid pack you can buy has been slashed by 75%, coming down to just £5 instead of the previous £20. There are no bonus amounts on this size pack but we think it’s a nice touch to be able to top up your account with just a small amount at a time if you prefer.

From then on you can look forward to the following bonus amounts every time you decide to top up your account with any of our larger packs:

  • £20 + £1 bonus
  • £50 + £3 bonus
  • £75 + £5 bonus
  • £100 + £7.50 bonus
  • £200 + £17.50 bonus

As you can see you get a higher bonus the more you top up, so look at your budget today and consider how much you might like to get. Of course, the larger the bid pack you get, the more bids you will be able to place too. Just imagine being in with a chance of winning a wide range of items from the auctions we have ending every day.

So, whether you are new to our website or you are a seasoned pro, make sure you enjoy our brand new bonus on the £20 bid pack, and top up more often with the new £5 bid pack too. Who knows what you might win when you top up and start bidding today?

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