Get Blending!

By | December 20, 2013

Get Blending


It’s always handy to have a few gadgets in the kitchen, but some tend to be more useful than others. If you are short of a blender, maybe the Russell Hobbs stainless steel glass jug blender would come in handy. We’ve currently got this available as a live auction, so why not get bidding and see whether you can get lucky? If you do you will pay a maximum price of £3 for the blender, plus your bid costs of course, so it could turn out to be a fantastic deal. Remember even if you don’t win you still have the option to purchase the blender for our sale price minus your full bid costs.

What does this blender do?

If you’ve never had a blender before you might wonder why you would want one in your kitchen. The truth is this item is one of those things you never consider getting until you find yourself with one. Then you wonder how on earth you managed for so long without it!

The great thing about this blender is that it’s powered by a 500w motor. The stronger the power the better the blender, so this one is a good example of an affordable blender that works well with the in-built motor.

You also get two speeds so you can decide how fast you want it to go. Some items will be chopped more easily at a higher speed. There is also a pulse function so you can control how long it operates for in short bursts. This is good if you have something fairly fragile that only needs a quick burst to blend up.

As the title suggests, the blender also offers a glass jug which can take up to 1.5 litres. You simply attach the jug to the base unit, pop in whatever it is you want to blend, use the controls to blend it and then take the jug off. You can pour the contents straight into a glass or wherever else you choose – simple!

What can you use it for?

Most people think about making smoothies or other similar drinks with a blender. But while you can do all this with the Russell Hobbs stainless steel glass jug blender, you can do a lot more too. Lumpy gravy will be a thing of the past. Crushed ice will be easy in just a few seconds. You can even whip up a homemade batch of pesto if you want to.

If you put in the lowest unique bid for this item now and it’s still the lowest unique bid when the auction ends, this item will be yours. Good luck!


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