One Direction Our Moment – Could You Win Your Own Moment?

By | December 24, 2013

One Direction Our Moment auction



It’s a bit of a play on words but this particular eau de parfum spray has just hit the shops and is bound to be the key fragrance for young women who are fans of the band this Christmas. Yes, we’ve all heard of One Direction and you have probably seen the advert for this fragrance on television several times already.

If you are a fan of the band you will probably want to grab a bottle for yourself anyway, or you could choose it as a gift for one of your friends. Either way you could spend a lot less on it if you place the lowest unique bid on our website in our live auction that is up for grabs at the moment.

Even if you don’t win you can look forward to purchasing the bottle of eau de parfum for 25% less than the recommended retail price of £39.99. You can also take your bid costs off this amount making it an even better deal. Since you can bid at a mere 24p a time, this is a great opportunity to get hold of a bottle at a great price. It might just provide a great festive gift for someone you know, or an additional treat even after the big day has passed.

Here at BidGrid we are known for providing a huge array of different options when it comes to goods you can bid on. We have gadgets for all areas of your life, including the latest must have items, as well as many other practical and exciting items. This addition to our series of auctions shows we have the best opportunities to bid on all kinds of things for younger people too, so why not try and get the lowest unique bid on One Direction’s One Moment now?

12 thoughts on “One Direction Our Moment – Could You Win Your Own Moment?

  1. bidgrid Post author

    Guess the winning bid to win yourself a bottle of this lovely fragrance!

    Just post your guess below along with your BidGrid username for the chance to win. Only one guess allowed per person – Good Luck :)

    1. bidgrid Post author

      Hi Vakhida,

      All winning bids will be a maximum of £3.00 and it’s the LOWEST unique bid that wins every auction – Feel free to have another guess ( under £3 ). :)

    1. bidgrid Post author

      Well done Richard the winning bid was 19p so your guess of 17p was the closest. Please send us an email with the subject line 1D confirming your surname and BidGrid username and we’ll get your fragrance sent out to you – Happy Xmas :)


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