Can You Fry With Fresh Air?

By | February 24, 2015

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I bet that title caught your attention. I wondered too when I read about the Philips AirFryer, a nifty little gadget we’ve got going cheap in a BidGrid auction this week. According to the information that comes with it, the AirFryer is just that – it fries using hot air instead of oil. You may have seen fryers that offer you the chance of cooking fresh chips and other foods with just one teaspoon or tablespoon of oil, but this option uses no oil at all. Literally none. Can you believe that?

Apparently the Philips AirFryer has done really well in tests and the reviews are very good for it as well. You can use a scant amount of oil if you want to but the fact you have the option to go oil-free has to be a good thing. If you are looking to cook without using any oil or you just prefer the taste of home-cooked chips with no grease on them when they’re done, this could well be the way to do it.

How to bid on our Philips AirFryer auction

It’s as easy as you’d expect it to be. The cost per bid is just 96p so you could be in with a real bargain here if you get in the lowest unique bid on this auction. Remember you have a limit of 50 bids to use on this auction, along with a maximum of 10 bids for every row at the most. You don’t have to use this many of course, you could get lucky after placing 5 bids, in which case this airfryer would be yours for a crazy price of £4.80.

Once the auction ends the person with the lowest unique bid will win the auction for that amount. Since the highest bid amount is £3 and the winning bid is typically a lot lower than that, you could end up winning this fryer for a lot less than you’d buy it for in the shops.

Don’t forget about our no lose policy: If you bid and don’t win you can still save by purchasing this Airfryer for our discount sale price minus your full bid spend. Our sale price is always guaranteed to be lower than the retail price and thats before we even deduct your bids – So either way you get a great deal. The retail value of this item is £200.00 and our sale price is £120.00!

How could you use it?

Make no mistake, this is not just good for chips. It will become superbly easy to cook things like chicken nuggets, Chinese sweet and sour battered balls, fish cakes and much else besides. While you can cook ready-made things such as frozen chips you will soon find yourself cooking other things as well that are far tastier. With the AirFryer close at hand it becomes easier than ever to cook from fresh ingredients. Why not put in a bid or two today to see if this fryer could soon be yours?

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  1. Frances Heaton

    This sounds like a great gadget and hope to buy one shortly.


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