Admit It: Do You Still Play With LEGO?

By | February 26, 2015

LEGO discount auction


Ah LEGO… I have so many happy memories of bugging my mum and dad to let me open one (just one) Christmas present early so I could play with some new LEGO on Christmas Eve. That’s how passionate I was about the stuff. Even today I can’t resist getting involved if one of the kids in our family breaks out a new LEGO set and needs some help putting it together. I’m always on hand just in case they need me (well you have to be, don’t you?).

And judging by this discount LEGO Creator set things haven’t changed much either. I’d be pretty happy to receive this, I’ll be honest! Our latest auction is for the LEGO Creator Mountain Hut, a 3-in-1 set that provides you with the chance to build more than one item. The main model is the mountain hut itself with a quad bike and a rocky mountain complete with waterfall. You can also build everything included into a mountaintop lookout, or opt for a small lodge if you prefer. Instructions are included for all these models and whoever is lucky enough to receive this set will undoubtedly enjoy hours of play when they receive it.

How much per bid?

We’ve set the cost per bid on this auction to a mere 24p, so you’ve got plenty of room to place a few bids in the hope of getting the lowest unique bid to become our winner. If you are looking to buy this kit anyway we’d recommend you seriously consider our bidding site. The highest bid amount is £3 and our price is £5 lower than the recommended retail price of £34.99. If you bid and you don’t become the lucky winner, you can still knock off the total bids you placed. This means you’ll pay our price minus your bids, getting you a great deal if you want it.

The LEGO Creator range is great since every kit provides the owner with a chance to build more than one model. The detail in the kit is amazing, with an explorer mini figure included – complete with a protective hat for mountain climbing! He’s also got a little campfire complete with a saucepan for cooking up some treats. Even the waterfall and mountain scene has secrets to find, including hidden treasure and a watchful eagle atop the mountain itself.

The quad bike is really well detailed too, and the two other models you can build provide just as many play possibilities as the main model. We think this is great value for money so if you have a child who loves their LEGO, why not place some bids for this amazing kit now? You wouldn’t regret buying this kit and who knows, you could be our lucky bidder with the lowest unique bid anyway. This means you might just get it for the total cost of your bids plus the winning bid. It’s great to have some money-saving opportunities to look forward to whether you win or not, so place those bids now to see how lucky you get.

10 thoughts on “Admit It: Do You Still Play With LEGO?

  1. Beverley Watson

    One of the best things about teaching young children is playing with toys and pretending you’re actually helping the children!!! Lego was always one of my favourites; especially when it came to building houses with furniture, floors, roves etc. Now it’s so much easier as LEGO have created kits like these.
    And who doesn’t enjoy looking at the models in Legoland???

  2. Cathy Knowles

    Lego memories. It was always a house that I built and it had to have windows. Or see how high I could build a tower.
    Still want to visit Legoland at the age of 40. Still haven’t had the chance yet!

    1. Beverley Watson

      It’s a bit hectic with children (of course) but the models ar amazing. Windsor is better for that than the original Legoland in Denmark as you can recognise more models (or at least that was the case when I visited years ago). Unlock your inner child Cathy and go for it! There are some good rides too!

  3. Andrew Chappell

    Many days of my childhood were spent playing with Lego. One model was never enough and I always had to top it with an even more extravagant creation. The only limit was the amount of Lego I had, which resulted in my poor Mum being subject to constant nagging about when I would get my next Lego set! I will certainly be bidding on this auction, and if I’m lucky enough to be the winner, I will surely have to hide it under the wardrobe for myself.

  4. Daniel Martin

    my 2 year old son loves building with bricks, he has always been using mega blocks to build but since christmas he has started playing with lego too and lately built a lego “dinosaur” which i have told him looks lovely :)

  5. Lisa Barker

    I’ve already won one Lego set on bidgrid which my 6 yr nephew was very pleased about :)

    Personally I’ve never played with Lego but my fiance very much enjoyed helping my nephew put it together!

    1. bidgrid Post author

      As you know Lisa, we regularly feature LEGO sets so you may be able to win your nephew another one – Only another 12 years to go and he can bid for himself :)

  6. Karen Robertson

    yep love the stuff! my kids have it all and we have hours of fun!


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