What on Earth are Mooncandles?

By | June 15, 2016


You would be forgiven for thinking just that when you see this listing we have available on auction at the moment. While we do offer expensive items for auction, we do like to add cheaper items as well, and this is one of them. You may have seen Mooncandles available on other sites. On the other hand, this could be the first time you’ve seen them. Either way, we think they deserve a little more attention.

Don’t keep us in suspense – what are they?

Well, they are candles – in a sense, anyway. You don’t light them, so there’s no need to scrabble around trying to find a lighter or some matches. As you’ll see in our picture, these ‘candles’ come with a remote control, so as long as you keep that handy, you’ve got all you need to ‘light’ them.

But even knowing that, you may still not fully appreciate how good these Mooncandles are.

A mix of three candles made from real wax

If you win this auction, you’ll get a set of three Mooncandles. These are each a slightly different size, with one measuring 4 inches, one measuring 5 inches and the last one measuring 6 inches. They’re also pleasingly chunky, with a diameter of three inches each.

And unlike regular candles, which will simply burn down until the wick is gone, you can actually set these ones on a timer! Who’d have thought it? Just choose between four hours and eight hours and off you go. That means you can ‘light’ them and not worry about forgetting about them, leaving the room or falling asleep. They’ll naturally shut off when the timer does its job, depending on which limit you choose.

They work with batteries, of course, and these are also included with the Mooncandles. They need two triple-A batteries each, in case you have to replace them. And since they use random LED light technology and are long-lasting, you’ll get an amazing 50,000 hours of light from each one.

Ideal for all kinds of occasions

Now you’re probably wondering why you would want these Mooncandles when you could just buy the real thing. In reality, there are all kinds of situations where you might want the appeal of candles without the potential danger that might come with them.

For example, if you have kids, you can enjoy flickering ‘flames’ without worrying about the kids being burned, or having to keep the candles well out of reach. The same applies if you have curious pets (and really, what pet isn’t curious?).

They are also ideal for using in all kinds of places. Many people say they are great for adding ambience to camping. You can even have them safely inside your tent at night. You couldn’t say the same of real candles, could you? They wouldn’t even make it into the case if you were packing to go camping.

And if you are planning a romantic meal for two, turn off the lights and enjoy the flickering glow of these Mooncandles instead. They do provide a pleasing atmosphere, and you don’t have to worry about burning yourself when you’re leaning over to pick up the salt and pepper. Who hasn’t done that every now and then? (Or is that just me?)

Super-low bids!

These Mooncandles retail at £39.99, but our price is way lower than this at just £16! That means even if you bid on this auction and you don’t win, you will end up with a great chance to order a set of Mooncandles from us at less than half the normal retail price! You’ll be able to take off the total cost of your bids as well, so it’s a win-win position to be in.

To be in with a shot of getting the lowest unique bid on this auction (it’s live now!), you only need bid 16p a time. Choose the bid positions you think could be lucky for you, and see what happens. Good luck!

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