Exchange to Credit Wins Now Processed Automatically

By | September 17, 2016

We’ve been hitting you with plenty of great BidGrid news recently, and we have another update for you here too. As you may know, winners of our auctions have a choice to make:

  1. Pay the winning bid to claim the item they have won
  2. Exchange the item for cash
  3. Exchange the item for bids

The bid exchange value is generally a little higher than the cash option. In the past, when someone chose the credit option, we had to process the transfer manually. This meant the lucky winner had to wait for the credits to be sent over to their account.

The good news is that’s no longer the case. Instead, wins that are exchanged to credits happen automatically. This means if you win an auction and you want to opt for bids instead of cash or taking delivery of the prize, you can get those bids added to your account instantly. That’s a great improvement because it means you can start bidding on other auctions straightaway if you like – fuelled by those new bids you’ll have in your account.

This is just one of a number of continued improvements we’re making to the site at the moment. They’re all designed to make the entire BidGrid experience even bigger and better for every one of our players. We hope you enjoy it, and you’ll let us know what you think. Happy bidding!

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