Welcoming New Winners to BidGrid

By | October 1, 2016

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Has it been a while since you explored the BidGrid site? If so, you may have missed out on our big news: We’ve now added win limits to the site to ensure everyone has a fair chance of winning several auctions each and every week.

This occurred early in September, and since then we’ve been delighted to congratulate some new winners who haven’t managed to scoop any prizes before. We’ve also seen some old names from the past – people who joined BidGrid quite a while ago and have come back to try their luck in some auctions… and won prizes this month as a result. It’s always good to see old names back in the fray, not to mention having a chance to congratulate newbies who have placed bids on auctions and won prizes as a result.

Focusing on the win limits

In case you weren’t aware of the win limits, let’s break them down here for you. Here’s what you could win at most each week:

  • Five bronze auctions
  • Three silver auctions
  • One gold auction

As you might guess, the category each auction fits into depends on the value of the retail price. This price is displayed clearly next to each auctioned item. The auctions are worked out as follows:

  • Bronze – all items between £0 and £49.99 in value
  • Silver – all items between £50 and £149.99 in value
  • Gold – everything worth £150 and above

It’s that easy – and it means you only need to glance at the retail price to see which category a particular auction falls into. You will also see the appropriately-coloured trophy next to each auction, both on the auction page and on the home page. It’s that easy to see which auctions you can take part in.

Try bidding on some of the smaller auctions and see what happens…

We can’t guarantee you’ll win, of course – that’s all part and parcel of the auction experience, and it applies to any and all auctions. But we’ve noticed that the big bidders love bidding on bigger items. So if you want to maximise your chances of winning something on our site, try going for the smaller-value auctions in the bronze category.

A great way to get started is to try your luck with some of the £5 bid pack auctions too. We run a lot of bid pack auctions because we know players like them. The cost per bid is small, and since the bigger bidders want to try and win the bigger auctions, the bid pack auctions tend to get far fewer bids than auctions offering big items to try and win.

It’s also a great way to get some experience that will help you see how the entire auction process works. It’s great for newbies and also for those who want to try and boost their account by winning some bid packs. Remember, you can use those bid packs to help you bid on bigger items if you like.

With so many bronze, silver and gold auction items to bid on and plenty of opportunities to try and bag up to nine wins each and every week, there has never been a better time to start bidding on BidGrid!

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