A Major Reason to Start Bidding on Smaller Auctions at BidGrid

By | October 6, 2016

bidgrid auctions

We’ve got a lot of active bidders at BidGrid – people who regularly come to the site to bid on one or more of our auctions. However, there are also a few who signed up a long time ago who took part in auctions to start with, but then disappeared for a while.

This is pretty common among all auction sites. However, if you’ve come back for a visit for the first time in ages, you may not be aware of our new win limits. Furthermore, you may not be aware of the effect those limits are having on the way some members are bidding.

If you take a look at the recent auctions we’ve gone live with (those that have been up for grabs since the new win limits came into effect) you will notice one very important thing with regard to the lower-valued auctions. Some of these have attracted a much lower level of bids than other higher-valued ones.

The reason for this is clear. The most eager of bidders are going for the richer spoils, and some of the bronze auctions are receiving fewer bids than we may have seen in the past. This is great news for you if you’re coming back for a fresh look. You have a chance to try and win some auctions that don’t have much competition. This could well increase your chances of winning, so why not come back and see how lucky you might be?

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