Give Your Home a Makeover with Some Mooncandles This Year

By | January 17, 2017


Where did Christmas go? One minute, we were looking forward to the festive season, now we find ourselves halfway through January. It always goes so quickly, doesn’t it?

Now, we’re in the realm of New Year Resolutions and trying to stick to the promises we made ourselves in the early hours of 1st January. Maybe yours have been left behind already, or maybe you’re still sticking with them. Either way, we know it’s not just dieting, stopping smoking and giving up drinking that make the list.

Getting rid of clutter

For some, it’s a case of decluttering and transforming the home. Who doesn’t want to live in lovely, relaxing surroundings? I know I do. That’s why I’ve started decluttering already. But there’s more to this than just improving my surroundings. We were given a storm lamp as a Christmas present that has a nice fake flicking candle inside it. No dripping wax, no heat to worry about (the dog has a habit of butting everything with her nose to see what it does) and no worries if we accidentally leave it on.

While we can’t promise you a storm lamp at BidGrid, we do have something along the same lines that could help transform your home and make it a brighter, cosier place this January. We’re talking about mooncandles, and we’ve got a set of three waiting for you to bid on them in our bronze auction.

A great deal on mooncandles

You won’t believe how low our price is compared with the retail price, either. How about just £16, compared to the usual price of £39.99? That means if you don’t win the auction, you can still grab an amazing bargain, saving yourself £23.99 in the process! As you bid, our price will automatically drop, showing you the remaining price you’d pay if you bought the mooncandles after the auction is over. Of course, you could be the lucky winner, which means your successful bid will be no more than £3 (and it could be a lot lower than that).

More about mooncandles

Now, I realise I haven’t told you much about the mooncandles so far. So, let’s change that now. If you win with the lowest unique bid or you decide to buy them once the auction is over (assuming you’ve placed at least one bid to trigger this option), you will get a set of three mooncandles. They are all three inches in diameter, so they’re very sturdy and hard to knock over (not that you have to worry if you do, since there are no flames). You get three candles measuring 4in, 5in and 6in respectively to complete the set.

They also come with a remote control that has a range of 20 feet, so you can turn them off even when you’re not nearby. You also get the benefit of a timer, and this can be set to either four or eight hours. That means you can nod off on the sofa or even go to bed and they will switch off after the allotted time. It’s a great way to enjoy candles and to keep your home safe at the same time.

You don’t have to worry about molten wax, ruined furniture because hot wax dripped onto something, or even knocking the candles over and letting wax drip all over the floor. If you’ve ever spilt hot wax on a carpet, you’ll know how hard it is to get it all out.

Each candle requires two AAA batteries, and you get these with the set as well, so you won’t even have to look for batteries when yours arrive. And if you take part in the auction and you don’t win, your bids will of course be taken off the low price we are offering the candles for, giving you yet more to look forward to.

How much to bid?

You need only spend 16p on each bid you place on this auction. That means you’re getting a great chance to put in several bids at a low price, without worrying about missing out if you lose. Those bids will be taken off our price for the mooncandles, so you’re in a win-win position. Enjoy our mooncandles auction now and place your bids today. Watch out for the auction closing time too, so you can see whether you were our lucky winner. Good luck!

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