Could eBooks Really Take Over from Printed Books?

  If you are a regular visitor to our website you will no doubt have noticed we occasionally have a Kindle e-reader available to be auctioned off to the lowest unique bid winner in that auction. In fact we have the Kindle 6” E Ink display on offer at the moment. Now you could have lots of reasons for wanting to bid on this item. You might want to grab… Read More »

Bid On Something Big Today!

  It’s hard to believe we are at the end of January already. The year seems to have started pretty quickly (anyone started Christmas shopping again yet?!). Anyway we’ve got some great auctions to close out the month and to welcome in February as well. In fact we’re going to highlight one of the best right here that still has a few days left to run. We’re focusing on the… Read More »

The George Foreman Family Grill – Enough Room for Everyone

So… how is that New Year’s Resolution to eat more healthily coming along? I read the other day that most people have long since forgotten their resolution by the end of January. In many cases it only takes a week, two at most, before we’re back to our old habits. But we think this particular auction could be just what you are after to change things. This is the George… Read More »

Have You Ever Looked At The Finished Auctions?

  If you’ve ever been lucky enough to win an auction or two here at BidGrid, you will know you get an email to alert you to your win. All you have to do then is to log into your account to find out more. But we reckon you may not ever look at finished auctions you’ve bid on. After all, you didn’t win, so unless you want to go… Read More »

Steam into the New Year

Okay so we know that is a bit of a pun and a play on words. But we also know that January happens to be the month when a lot of us try to get rid of the extra pounds we put on over the festive season. The best way to do this is the old fashioned way – to eat less, eat more healthily and to get more exercise.… Read More »