Get Blending!

  It’s always handy to have a few gadgets in the kitchen, but some tend to be more useful than others. If you are short of a blender, maybe the Russell Hobbs stainless steel glass jug blender would come in handy. We’ve currently got this available as a live auction, so why not get bidding and see whether you can get lucky? If you do you will pay a maximum… Read More »

Don’t Forget to Pay Us a Visit Over the Festive Season!

  Here at BidGrid we have always got a wide range of auctions ending throughout the week – every week. This means it is still worth visiting our website even when Christmas finally arrives (and let’s face it, it’s not too far off now anyway). We all like to enjoy some downtime over the festive season, taking time off work and making sure we can make the most of seeing… Read More »

Great New Bid Pack Opportunities are Coming Your Way!

  How long have you been a member of BidGrid for? If you’ve joined us at some point over the last few weeks you may have seen the great offer we’ve had available on a £5 starter bid pack. Basically the idea is that you can buy this starter pack once after you have registered for your account with us. Up until now this has been a once only feature… Read More »

What’s the Appeal of Super Mario?

  If you have any interest at all in gaming you will know that Super Mario has been a huge figure in this industry for quite a while now. These characters have featured in plenty of different games over the years and now they are back in Super Mario 3D World. As you might imagine, we’re blogging about this game for a reason – namely that we have a copy… Read More »

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  If you have an account on Facebook you should get over there today and join our BidGrid family. You’ll find us at and we’d be delighted if you liked us and started keeping up with our posts to the site. As you will see we provide more information about our site and how it works, as well as revealing some of the latest auctions to go live on… Read More »