Getting Into the Last 12 Hours of Bidding

  Once you get used to using our website you’ll notice we have a real mix of auctions. Our home page features a lot of them, and they are all set to finish on different days and at different times. Now everyone has a set way of using our site. Some people like pouncing on auctions that have only just been listed, so they can get in some unique bids… Read More »

The Drama and Excitement of Call of Duty: Ghosts

  If you love a spot of gaming you’ll certainly be interested to find out more about Call of Duty: Ghosts, which is now out for purchase. We’ve also got a copy right here for you to look at, with a low bid price that could result in you being our lucky unique bid winner. This is one of the best selling games in the action and shooter categories at… Read More »

Which Feels Better: Winning or Getting the Prize for £3 or Less?

  We all love getting surprises (at least we do when they’re nice ones). If you’re a member of BidGrid you’ll already know you could get a lovely surprise if you turn out to be the winner of one of our auctions. Our format means the lowest unique bid is the winner. If you bid a penny and no one else picks that same bid amount, you get to buy… Read More »

Do You Fancy a Touch of Dolce Gusto?

  If you’re a coffee aficionado you will know this is the name of the famous coffee machine created by Krups, which uses the Nescafe Dolce Gusto pods. We’ve got one of these coffee machines up for grabs at the moment – the Melody 3 Machine – so if your existing machine is past its best or you just want something a bit different, this could be your chance to… Read More »

The Samsung Galaxy S4 White 16GB Review – Could You Win One?

  When it comes to smartphones you’ve certainly got plenty of them to choose from. Trouble is they can be rather expensive. That’s why you might be interested to know we’ve now got a Samsung Galaxy S4 White 16GB model up for grabs in one of our latest auctions. SIM free, it retails for £630 but if you win our auction you’re guaranteed to get it for £3 at the… Read More »