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Are You Ready for Some Festive Bidding?

Are you making plans for the festive season yet? With December just around the corner, Christmas suddenly seems a lot closer. While your mind is probably on buying gifts, making plans, and buying outfits for party season, it’s good to get some downtime as well. BidGrid has some treats in store for you this festive season, so make sure you stay close and see what we’ve got in our stocking.… Read More »

Could BidGrid Help You Find a Gift or Two this Christmas?

Oh no… I said the forbidden word. And it’s still only October! In my defence though, the shops have had festive cards and gifts out for over a month now. And it doesn’t hurt to spread the cost and start shopping early, does it? You’ve probably never thought of BidGrid as a possible source of festive gifts. However, while many of our winners receive prizes they go on to use… Read More »

4 Advantages of Using a Cordless Screwdriver

Do you own a cordless screwdriver? If not, you may be wondering whether they’re worth buying. While you do need to keep it charged, so it’s ready for action when you need it, there are lots of advantages to having one around. 1: they’re faster than a regular screwdriver Even if you only need to put one screw into position, it takes just seconds to complete the job with one… Read More »

3 Reasons Why You Should Bid Before You Buy a Bid Pack

As you may know, our bid packs come in five convenient sizes. You can select a £5 bid pack or go all out and purchase a £100 bid pack. Discounts are given for bid packs worth £15 and up. The more you buy, the bigger the discount. It takes just a few moments to buy the bid pack you’d like. Whichever one you choose is then instantly deposited into your… Read More »

Do You Use Lucky Numbers When Bidding?

Lucky numbers. Many societies have a history of lucky numbers, some more prevalent than others. In Chinese culture, the number eight is said to be the luckiest number of all. In other cultures, the number seven is thought by many to be lucky. Conversely, many people hate the number 13. It is often omitted from the floor numbers of buildings and doesn’t always appear as a room number either. Beyond… Read More »