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Hurry Ending Soon! Are You Going to Place any Last-Minute Bids?

When you visit our active auctions page, you’re likely to notice a few things. Firstly, there are often 20+ auctions taking place – live auctions you can bid on now. Secondly, some of those auctions have less time to run than others. We use a series of coloured banners on our auction items to indicate which ones are finishing soon: Green banner – indicates those auctions with less than 24… Read More »

Get in on the Action with Auctions Set to Finish Soon

We currently have lots of auctions entering their final stages. And that means you have a chance to try and win items when the bidding is hotting up. There is no ideal time to place a bid on an auction. The odds of winning with the first bid you place at the beginning of the three-day period are much the same as those you have for winning with the last… Read More »

Exchange to Credit Wins Now Processed Automatically

We’ve been hitting you with plenty of great BidGrid news recently, and we have another update for you here too. As you may know, winners of our auctions have a choice to make: Pay the winning bid to claim the item they have won Exchange the item for cash Exchange the item for bids The bid exchange value is generally a little higher than the cash option. In the past,… Read More »

3 Benefits Of Lowest Unique Bid Auctions

  If you’ve played one or two auctions here at BidGrid you’ll probably be familiar with how our unique bid auction format works. But have you ever thought of all the perks of this format and what they actually have to offer to you? We’ve narrowed things down quite a bit here and provided you with three of the best advantages to this type of auction. 1: the lowest unique… Read More »

Are Penny Auctions Worth Trying?

  Penny auctions are a popular way of trying to win brand new products online. The name comes from the idea that you bid mere pennies each time, in the hope of winning something far more valuable or the fact that each bid placed raises the price of the item by just one penny. However it makes sense to understand how the system works so you can see whether or… Read More »