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Will You Win a Bid Pack for Christmas?

With Christmas Day now just days away, you’re probably focusing on the final preparations to make everything go smoothly. There’s food to buy, last-minute gifts to sort out, and making sure the house looks suitably festive for our guests. Yes, we’ve all been there, but we probably know from previous experience that it pays to enjoy some downtime during the preparations as well. While it is too late to try… Read More »

3 Reasons Why You Should Bid Before You Buy a Bid Pack

As you may know, our bid packs come in five convenient sizes. You can select a £5 bid pack or go all out and purchase a £100 bid pack. Discounts are given for bid packs worth £15 and up. The more you buy, the bigger the discount. It takes just a few moments to buy the bid pack you’d like. Whichever one you choose is then instantly deposited into your… Read More »

How Far Could You Get with a £5 Bid Pack?

A fiver. It doesn’t appear to have much value nowadays, does it? However, it can go a lot further than you think, especially when you use it at BidGrid. As you probably know, our smallest bid pack is worth £5. This is a popular pack for many of our members, especially those who have just joined and want to try bidding on some auctions without investing a lot of money… Read More »

Bidding on Bids is a Smart Option to Take

We always try and bring you the very best collection of items to bid on at BidGrid. We’ve always got plenty of live auctions to browse through, and you can be sure there are plenty more waiting in the wings as well. As current auctions end, new ones begin, so even if you cannot find anything to bid on at present, you will probably find something in the next batch… Read More »

The Perfect Time to Stock Up on Bid Packs

You can never do without a bid pack, can you? It doesn’t matter whether there are any items you’d like to bid on or not, it’s good to know you have some tokens ready in your account just in case. Who knows what might be available to bid on tomorrow or the day after? If you look at our live auction page now, you’ll see we’ve got lots of bid… Read More »