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3 Superb Reasons to Start Bidding on Bid Packs

What do you think when you see an auction for a bid pack? Some of our players love them, but others seem to focus on the other auctions for tangible items. That does make sense, as there could be something you might like to win – a BluRay disc maybe, or a set of Lego, or some Mooncandles. We’ve had all these items up for grabs at various points. But… Read More »

5 Reasons to Bid on a Bid Pack Now

Have you had a look at our active auctions section lately? If not, look now (I’ll wait). Ah, you’re back. Good. Did you notice how many bid pack auctions are up for grabs now? Even though we’re regularly adding auctions for items as diverse as the Minecraft game, a Philips shaver, a quad-copter and some moon-candles, you will always see auctions for bid packs too. Now, maybe you’re one of… Read More »

Welcoming New Winners to BidGrid

Has it been a while since you explored the BidGrid site? If so, you may have missed out on our big news: We’ve now added win limits to the site to ensure everyone has a fair chance of winning several auctions each and every week. This occurred early in September, and since then we’ve been delighted to congratulate some new winners who haven’t managed to scoop any prizes before. We’ve… Read More »