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Are You Ready for Some Festive Bidding?

Are you making plans for the festive season yet? With December just around the corner, Christmas suddenly seems a lot closer. While your mind is probably on buying gifts, making plans, and buying outfits for party season, it’s good to get some downtime as well. BidGrid has some treats in store for you this festive season, so make sure you stay close and see what we’ve got in our stocking.… Read More »

3 Reasons Why You Should Bid Before You Buy a Bid Pack

As you may know, our bid packs come in five convenient sizes. You can select a £5 bid pack or go all out and purchase a £100 bid pack. Discounts are given for bid packs worth £15 and up. The more you buy, the bigger the discount. It takes just a few moments to buy the bid pack you’d like. Whichever one you choose is then instantly deposited into your… Read More »

Hurry Ending Soon! Are You Going to Place any Last-Minute Bids?

When you visit our active auctions page, you’re likely to notice a few things. Firstly, there are often 20+ auctions taking place – live auctions you can bid on now. Secondly, some of those auctions have less time to run than others. We use a series of coloured banners on our auction items to indicate which ones are finishing soon: Green banner – indicates those auctions with less than 24… Read More »

Don’t Miss Your Chance to Win a Kindle Today

I was late jumping onto the Kindle bandwagon. In fact, I resisted it for ages. What was wrong with real books, I thought? There is something about books that appeals to me – and still does. The smell, the act of flicking through the pages, the print on the page… it’s all lovely. And let’s face it, a room packed with floor to ceiling bookshelves looks lovely. It wouldn’t look… Read More »

Are You Embarking on a Health Kick This Summer?

Have you noticed how juicing has become ‘a thing’? Sometimes, it seems like everyone is doing it. Juicing fruit and vegetables is a great way to enjoy a good hit of vitamins and minerals. Some experts recommend starting each day with a fresh juice, juiced yourself at home. You can’t get fresher than that. However, while fruit juices would seem the best option – they are tasty, I can vouch… Read More »