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Points to Consider When Choosing a Pattern to Help You Place Your Bids

We’ve spoken about pattern bidding on our tips page. This is the process of choosing certain bids that form a pattern on the grid. For example, you might begin with a bid on the 1p amount, choosing to proceed with bids placed at 10p intervals. So, you would then bid on 11p, 21p, 31p, and so on. There are some points to consider here though. For example, will you keep… Read More »

Don’t Miss Your Chance to Win a Kindle Today

I was late jumping onto the Kindle bandwagon. In fact, I resisted it for ages. What was wrong with real books, I thought? There is something about books that appeals to me – and still does. The smell, the act of flicking through the pages, the print on the page… it’s all lovely. And let’s face it, a room packed with floor to ceiling bookshelves looks lovely. It wouldn’t look… Read More »

The Perfect Time to Stock Up on Bid Packs

You can never do without a bid pack, can you? It doesn’t matter whether there are any items you’d like to bid on or not, it’s good to know you have some tokens ready in your account just in case. Who knows what might be available to bid on tomorrow or the day after? If you look at our live auction page now, you’ll see we’ve got lots of bid… Read More »

Get in on the Action with Auctions Set to Finish Soon

We currently have lots of auctions entering their final stages. And that means you have a chance to try and win items when the bidding is hotting up. There is no ideal time to place a bid on an auction. The odds of winning with the first bid you place at the beginning of the three-day period are much the same as those you have for winning with the last… Read More »

Understanding the Different Types of Online Auctions

  If you’ve browsed the internet in search of online auction sites you’ll probably already be aware there are several types available. Understanding the differences between the various auctions available is a good idea for obvious reasons. You’ll be able to choose the type that appeals most and understand what the potential outcome could be as well. Here are three of the most familiar and most popular online auction types… Read More »