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When Did You Last Replace Your Cutlery?

I wondered that same thing when I sat down to write this post. I cannot remember replacing it in the last 10 years or so – possibly even longer. It is built to last, of course, but there are some great reasons for either replacing your existing set or adding to it. Why would you want more cutlery? We had some friends round for dinner recently. While we have cutlery… Read More »

Minecraft: Explore or Create a New World Today

Most of us have a creative side, even if we don’t often express it. We tend to think of creative people as those who write, take photos, paint, or sculpt. Yet if you have ever played Minecraft or similar games, you know you have a creative side too. Our Minecraft auctions are always incredibly popular. We have lots of people trying to win a copy of the Minecraft game, and… Read More »

Will You Bid on a Christmas Gift This Year?

Bidding on Christmas presents isn’t the kind of thing you’d usually think about, is it? But when you’re a member of BidGrid, it is worth checking our page of live auctions in case there is something there that would make a great gift for someone you know. Now, I know what you are thinking. Only one person can win each auction. That is correct, but even if you don’t win,… Read More »

What Would You Do with £100 in Bids?

Hmm… now that is an intriguing question, don’t you think? And you may soon be able to find out if you are lucky enough to win our auction for a £100 bid pack. The winning bid for this cannot be any higher than £3, thanks to the way our auction format works. Remember, you must be the player to put in the lowest unique bid on this auction to win… Read More »

Can You Fry With Fresh Air?

  I bet that title caught your attention. I wondered too when I read about the Philips AirFryer, a nifty little gadget we’ve got going cheap in a BidGrid auction this week. According to the information that comes with it, the AirFryer is just that – it fries using hot air instead of oil. You may have seen fryers that offer you the chance of cooking fresh chips and other… Read More »