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Are You Embarking on a Health Kick This Summer?

Have you noticed how juicing has become ‘a thing’? Sometimes, it seems like everyone is doing it. Juicing fruit and vegetables is a great way to enjoy a good hit of vitamins and minerals. Some experts recommend starting each day with a fresh juice, juiced yourself at home. You can’t get fresher than that. However, while fruit juices would seem the best option – they are tasty, I can vouch… Read More »

Pivot With Ease Thanks to Black and Decker

First, we had manual screwdrivers and aching hands, not to mention the odd bruised knuckle. Then, we had electric screwdrivers and sighs of relief. Now, we’ve gone one better, with the pivoting handle screwdriver. If you do a few DIY jobs around the home from time to time, you’ve probably found yourself in a situation where you haven’t been able to fit your screwdriver in the small gap you’re faced… Read More »

Is it Time to Sort Your Knives Out?

If you already have a knife block complete with a nice selection of knives, move along. If not, and you’re wondering how to keep your knives tidy and safe, keep reading. The Bodum Bistro universal knife block could be the answer to your problems. Not all sets of knives come with their own knife block, leaving you with the task of finding somewhere to put them. If you’ve bought individual… Read More »

How To Get Up To 99% Off Brand New Products!

  We have new winners every single day on the BidGrid auction site who all save between 60% and 99% on brand new products ranging from tablets, smartphones, TVs, fragrances, jewellery, watches, laptops,  cameras, kitchen appliances, toys and loads loads more! In this blog post we’re featuring one happy BidGrid winner who goes by the name of superbitch17, and these are just a few of the great savings she has recently… Read More »

Do You Have a Docking Station for Your iPad?

  Plenty of people have a smart phone of one brand or another nowadays. Many of them also have a docking station of some kind to make charging it easy. When I get home from work each day, my phone goes into its little charging dock so it goes back up to full charge (and by then it’s usually in need of it). The problem is if you’ve got an… Read More »