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Could You Do With Some Portable Power?

  Most of us have had times when we’ve needed to make a phone call only to find our mobile phone is just about to die. Similarly, if you rely on your iPad to keep you entertained on the train home, you’ll know how frustrating it is to find it has very little juice left to sustain you to your last stop. That’s why we’ve decided to kick off the… Read More »

The Win-Win Nature of Lowest Unique Bid Auctions

  While some people have discovered the perks of using unique bid auction sites, others have yet to explore the possibilities. If you happen to fall into this latter group you can take a closer look at the websites but you may still not discover all the advantages of using them unless you actually join. Now you might be wondering what we mean by the win-win nature of these websites.… Read More »

Which Feels Better: Winning or Getting the Prize for £3 or Less?

  We all love getting surprises (at least we do when they’re nice ones). If you’re a member of BidGrid you’ll already know you could get a lovely surprise if you turn out to be the winner of one of our auctions. Our format means the lowest unique bid is the winner. If you bid a penny and no one else picks that same bid amount, you get to buy… Read More »

iPad Mini Review

  We tested the standard iPad Mini 16GB Wi-Fi costing £269.00. After putting the iPad Mini through it’s paces we’re hard pushed to come up with any worthwhile criticism. Although it doesn’t pack the same punch as it’s larger brother due to not having the powerful A6X chip or retina display, we still found it to be super responsive and more than think the iPad mini holds it’s own. One… Read More »

iPod Prize Draw

  If you follow us on Facebook you’ll already know that we sometimes have random prize draws and giveaways. This time we’re going iPod crazy! At BidGrid we love everything Apple, so what better way is there to celebrate the launch of our new blog than by having this fantastic free competition where we’re giving away:   1x Apple iPod Touch 16GB ( £199.00 ) 1x Apple iPod Nano 16GB… Read More »