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Should You Bid Early or Late?

Tough question, isn’t it? Every bidder on our site (and other auction sites, for that matter) faces this question at one time or another. Do they put in bids early and hope for the best, or do they wait until right near the end of the auction to see if they can snipe out the winning amount? BidGrid works slightly differently to many other auction sites. While standard sites usually… Read More »

Watch Out For Bigger Bid Pack Auctions!

  As you will no doubt have realised if you’re a regular at BidGrid, we have auctions up for grabs that invite you to bid on one of our bid packs. These packs are available to buy in the normal manner, via your account. You can then use the packs to help you bid on various auctions whenever you like. We’ve been offering £5 bid packs for a while now,… Read More »

Another Happy BidGridder!

  “Thank you BidGrid for my new Braun Series 3 shaver. I can’t believe I won it for only 5p! chappers” So far this month chappers has also won the following auctions: 90% Saved – Russell Hobbs 3-in-1 Panini, Grill and Grid 94% Saved – Asado Rotisserie Barbeque 93% Saved – The Logo Board Game 93% Saved – Bumbo Floor Seat And Play Tray 95% Saved – Braun Series 3… Read More »

Do You Set Limits When Playing to Win Auctions?

It’s always nice to hear from people who have won some of our auctions. Finding out you are the person who put in the lowest unique bid amount is always a thrill and people never seem to get tired of it. In fact we know some people have won some amazing prizes as a result – including TVs, games consoles and much more besides. Of course, you should set responsible… Read More »

Is There Still Room for the iPod?

  Do you remember when the iPod first came out? You’d need to go back to 2001 to find the first release of this nifty gadget and by 2003 Apple had shifted one million of them. Sales kept rising and in 2005 the iPod Nano was launched. This would eventually become the best music player of its kind in history. No small achievement for a company that is known for… Read More »