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Did You Know You Could Win an Auction with a Penny Bid?

If you have visited BidGrid before, you’ll know the lowest bid you can make on an auction is a penny. However, it doesn’t mean that will be the winning bid. If someone else bids on the penny amount, it will render that amount non-unique. The next highest unique bid will be the winner. So, is it possible that you could win an auction with a penny bid It absolutely is,… Read More »

Do You Have a Docking Station for Your iPad?

  Plenty of people have a smart phone of one brand or another nowadays. Many of them also have a docking station of some kind to make charging it easy. When I get home from work each day, my phone goes into its little charging dock so it goes back up to full charge (and by then it’s usually in need of it). The problem is if you’ve got an… Read More »

Are You Ready to Enjoy BidGrid in 2015?

  Whenever we start off a new year it’s quite usual to both look back on the one that has just ended and forward to the one that is about to get underway. It’s quite common to do this in different areas of your life too. We’ve certainly been doing that a lot at BidGrid HQ recently. As you will know if you’ve been an active member on our online… Read More »

Join the BidGrid Community on Facebook

  If you have an account on Facebook you should get over there today and join our BidGrid family. You’ll find us at https://www.facebook.com/BidGrid and we’d be delighted if you liked us and started keeping up with our posts to the site. As you will see we provide more information about our site and how it works, as well as revealing some of the latest auctions to go live on… Read More »