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Get More Than Five a Day for the New Year

Ah, January… a long, long month for many of us. It’s also a month where we often feel bloated after the excesses of Christmas and the New Year celebrations. After polishing off the Christmas pudding, Christmas cake, and chocolates, it’s natural to want to progress to a healthier way of eating to welcome in the New Year. For many of us, that means cutting down on the processed food and… Read More »

Grab a Bargain for Christmas: Bid on this Bottle of Paco Rabanne Ultraviolet Today

If you’re familiar with how things work here at BidGrid, you will know we guarantee you can get a bargain from us… win or lose. That applies to this smart, eye-catching bottle of Paco Rabanne Ultraviolet for Men too. Here’s the deal – this bottle usually retails for £47.50. Our price is just £35.99. That price is available to all those who take part in this auction and don’t manage… Read More »

Get Your Game on with a Charging Cradle for XBOX Controllers

How many times have you settled down for an XBOX session only to find the batteries for your wireless controllers were dead? There is nothing more frustrating, especially since it inevitably leads to a hunt around the house looking for replacement batteries. By the time you’ve found some – assuming you even do – the urge to play has often disappeared. The XBOX has got the better of you without… Read More »

Do You Let Your Wine Breathe?

You should – at least, if you want it to taste as it was meant to. When you think about it, that wine you are about to have with dinner has been stopped up in a bottle for months – maybe longer. If the air getting to it did any damage, none of us would drink it. Of course, aerating your wine is known to improve the flavour. If you’re… Read More »

3 Areas to Explore in Your Account

When you become a member of BidGrid, you’ll see you have an account area to access once you’ve logged in. This will reveal your details (you can change them by following the instructions if you wish), your payments, and your auctions. It’s the latter area we’re going to look at here. This area is split into three sections: My auctions My practice auctions Bid history The two auction areas make… Read More »